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April 2017
Here are the winners in Linn's 2016 stamp popularity poll - Comments (Count)
Postal workers picket Vermont post office over working conditions - Comments (Count)
UPS, FedEx rolling out new pricing to undercut USPS on short-haul deliveries - Comments (Count)
California postal customers fighting back against mail theft - Comments (Count)
Postal critique takes three days to cross town - Comments (Count)
Grand Rapids postal worker hospitalized after pit bull attack - Comments (Count)
Postal Views Podcast #62 (USPS Retirement Means...) - Comments (Count)
Postal worker pleads guilty to faking cancer - Comments (Count)
Richmond postal supervisors and managers ready to fight terminations - Comments (Count)
Two men caught on camera stealing mail out of USPS truck in Tarzana - Comments (Count)
Amazon's Bezos Just $5 Billion Away From Being the World's Richest - Comments (Count)
No serious injuries after SUV crashes through post office wall - Comments (Count)
USPS Reconsiders Moving Lihue Post Office - Comments (Count)
PRC Reviews USPS 2016 Performance Goals and 2017 Performance Plan - Comments (Count)
Former Blackstone postmaster pleads guilty to embezzling $31K - Comments (Count)
USPS Blocks Pot Farm From Shipping Tax Money - Comments (Count)
Iowa mail carrier honored after 30 years on the job - Comments (Count)
USPS Plans 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Stamp With Thermochromic Ink - Comments (Count)
Sprint Sales Bloom: Discounts for USPS Employees This Saturday, April 29th (PDF) - Comments (Count)
USPS published a story about mail and millennials and it's so wrong - Comments (Count)
UPS Petition to PRC on USPS Cost Attribution Denied (PDF) - Comments (Count)
Richmond: USPS shakeup continues from overtime scandal - Comments (Count)
Virginia-Highland residents take problems with mail delivery to the U.S. Senate - Comments (Count)
Post Office Audit Confirms That South Bronx Mail Service is Awful - Comments (Count)
UK: Forensic accountants appointed to pore over Post Office IT scandal  |  Horizon system 'cost me my job and reputation' claims sacked postmistress - Comments (Count)
NALC Food Drive Set for May 13 - Comments (Count)
Tractor-Trailer Hauling Ads Crashes on Highway in Pennsylvania - Comments (Count)
Amazon Reportedly Working on Self-Driving Vehicles - Comments (Count)
Delivering mail, saving lives aboard the J.W. Westcott - Comments (Count)
Rolando: Reform law that hinders U.S. mail service - Comments (Count)
Dayville homeowner wants answers after postal worker mistreats fragile package - Comments (Count)
Mail carrier wins $250,000 in discrimination lawsuit - Comments (Count)
Louisville brothers charged in 2016 postal carrier shooting - Comments (Count)
Dayton tax returns bounce back after postal error - Comments (Count)
Man Wanted for Armed Assault of Letter Carrier in Maryland - Comments (Count)
Mail theft is running rampant in the Santa Clara Valley - Comments (Count)
Postal problems: Albuquerque neighbors say USPS mixing up mail - Comments (Count)
Cities Seek Deliverance From the E-Commerce Boom - Comments (Count)
Postal worker had cocaine delivered to New Jersey homes - Comments (Count)
Postal worker sees smoke, saves West Linn house - Comments (Count)
Tulsa woman files suit against USPS: 'They were punishing me for my pregnancy' - Comments (Count)
Woman outraged after she says letter carrier pepper-sprayed her dog - Comments (Count)
LATEST on postal worker arrested for robbing bank - Comments (Count)
Complaints against the Chagrin Falls Post Office spur meetings - Comments (Count)
Postal inspector hospitalized after opening suspicious package in Hawaii - Comments (Count)
Could ads on packages subsidize shipping costs? - Comments (Count)
USPS mail collection box stolen from South Phoenix intersection - Comments (Count)
He was Dover's mailman for 23 years - Comments (Count)
Mailman honored for heroism - Comments (Count)
Car crashes into Highlands Ranch Post Office - Comments (Count)
Thieves strike neighborhood mailboxes - Comments (Count)
In Hell, Trying to Mail Out My Taxes in Houston - Comments (Count)
Postal worker's busy day off included robbing a bank in Palm Beach - Comments (Count)
Chinese bots sort 200,000 packages a day - Comments (Count)
Family, Friends Raise Funds to Help Long Island Postal Worker Seriously Injured in Wreck - Comments (Count)
USPS carrier says he suffered injuries from fall into manhole - Comments (Count)
USPS Retail Facility Conditions Raise Safety Concerns - Comments (Count)
Chinese company plans to build 150 drone airports for order fulfillment - Comments (Count)
'Mail goes by us like 2 times before it gets here': Rural Montana waits for Postal Service reform - Comments (Count)
New Zealand postal buggies crash 30 times in a year - Comments (Count)
'Gyrocopter Guy' Still Has a Message to Deliver - Comments (Count)
N. Indiana postal carrier accused of stealing painkillers - Comments (Count)
Postal workers plead for safety improvements at Tampa airport - Comments (Count)
Is this video of a USPS employee kicking packages real? - Comments (Count)
Germany's Postal Service Takes on Big Auto: Plans to Build 20,000 EVs Per Year, Sell to the Public - Comments (Count)
Pittsburgh Postmaster Sentenced to Probation - Comments (Count)
Maryland woman learns insurance purchased for packages stops at the border - Comments (Count)
Spike in Mail Theft at North Texas Collection Boxes - Comments (Count)
PRC hosting technical conference on USPS audit plan - Comments (Count)
Thieves hit hundreds of mailboxes across Thurston County - Comments (Count)
Cedar Grove postal worker delivers 'heroic' moment - Comments (Count)
San Francisco getting a taste of robotic food delivery  |  Delivery robots: A sidewalk-clogging nightmare? - Comments (Count)
Bomb squad called to investigate wires outside New Haven post office - Comments (Count)
Congressman rides along with mail carrier - Comments (Count)
Postal workers make a special delivery to a young boy - Comments (Count)
Driver arrested after allegedly severing Long Island postal worker's leg - Comments (Count)
A million miles without a wreck - Comments (Count)
Suspending letter carrier who hit boss with vehicle not retaliation - Comments (Count)
USPS agrees to $49 million settlement on shorted life insurance policies - Comments (Count)
Church Hill post office suddenly closes - Comments (Count)
Mailman standing outside postal truck hit by car, airlifted to hospital in critical condition  |  Postal worker's leg completely severed - Comments (Count)
SUV crashes through front of Lily Post Office - Comments (Count)
Too easy for thieves, USPS trying to replace flimsy cluster boxes - Comments (Count)
Postal Worker Caught on Camera Allegedly Making Half-Hearted Attempt to Deliver Package - Comments (Count)
Congress' habit of raiding USPS coffers goes back almost 30 years - Comments (Count)
APWU: Postal Reform Questions and Answers - Comments (Count)
Goose dive-bombs postman, residents - Comments (Count)
Frustrated customers denied access to mail after Richmond post office closes abruptly - Comments (Count)
OIG Calls USPS Fleet Card Use Into Question - Comments (Count)
Angry driver allegedly assaults San Francisco mailman for double-parking - Comments (Count)
Communities and Postal Workers United Spring 2017 Newsletter (PDF) - Comments (Count)
Jeep crashes into Laurel County post office - Comments (Count)
Quincy apartment complex without mail for two months - Comments (Count)
Polish postal workers march to demand higher pay - Comments (Count)
Creative mailboxes make getting snail mail even more special - Comments (Count)
Bold postal carrier converted route to curbside delivery and charged residents $25 for new mailboxes - Comments (Count)
Man suspected of stealing mail from postal trucks, residential boxes - Comments (Count)
Franklin Lakes Carrier Still Delivering Mail After 50 Years - Comments (Count)
OIG: USPS Not Prepared for IT Blackout - Comments (Count)
Mailman bitten by possibly rabid fox in Bristol - Comments (Count)
SF driver tries to flee after colliding with a U.S. Postal truck - Comments (Count)
Stores Closing at Record Pace as Amazon Chews Up Retailers - Comments (Count)
Sundance Welcomes New Postmistress - Comments (Count)
Royal Mail expands in US parcels market - Comments (Count)
Mail truck overturns in Sherman Oaks crash - Comments (Count)
Booming online sales mean more dog bites for mail carriers - Comments (Count)
Oops: Postal Truck Hits Pole - Comments (Count)
USPS reports spike in dog attacks on carriers - Comments (Count)
Post office changes over time - Comments (Count)
Fredericktown Post Office Celebrates 600 Days Accident Free - Comments (Count)
Brooklyn: Behind the Long Lines and Angry Voices at Many City Post Offices - Comments (Count)
Postal Service keeps America strong - Comments (Count)
Former St. Pete postal worker gets nine years in prison for theft of Social Security checks - Comments (Count)
Bronx carjacker who shot postal worker is a parolee - Comments (Count)
Weber retires from post office - Comments (Count)
Plattsmouth welcomes new postmaster, supervisor - Comments (Count)
Amazon Is Now Worth Almost Twice as Much as Walmart - Comments (Count)
Bronx carjacker steals two vehicles at gunpoint, shoots postal worker to continue crime spree  |  Postal Worker Shot Attempting to Foil Carjacking - Comments (Count)
Postal IG Raises Concern About Insider Threats - Comments (Count)
Colorado Springs postal worker makes snowman after truck breaks down - Comments (Count)
Benton Harbor teen charged with sex assault of postal worker - Comments (Count)
Bold delivery: Postal worker caught on camera tossing package over fence, owner furious - Comments (Count)
Regulations Will Protect Character of Lihue Post Office - Comments (Count)
Chicken run: New Zealand Post will start delivering KFC to beat mail slump - Comments (Count)
UPS unveils Saturday delivery -- and 6,000 new jobs - Comments (Count)
Postal worker apologizes for delivering package directly into the toilet - Comments (Count)
Post office career keeps Dawn Kienlen smiling, customers happy - Comments (Count)
Pennsylvania comedian plays April Fools prank on letter carrier - Comments (Count)
Rolando: Criticism of the Postal Service is Unfounded and Unfair - Comments (Count)
PRC: USPS Financial Concerns Persist - Comments (Count)
Woman crashes car into post office - Comments (Count)
Worland postal carrier hangs up mail bag - Comments (Count)
Audiobook Reviews April 2017 by Jonathan Lowe - Comments (Count)
Postal Retirement Q&A April 2017 by Roseanne Jefferson - Comments (Count)
Judge rules dog that bit mailman must be euthanized - Comments (Count)
Vandals Strike Palo Alto's Main Post Office - Comments (Count)
Patrons of Bronx post office fed up with lack of service - Comments (Count)
Letter Carriers: Where's The Contract?
4.26.2017 - reports: "Letter Carriers across the U.S.A. are beginning to grumble about the lack of a new contract. The last contract expired almost a year ago on May 20th, 2016. The length of time, without the contract going to arbitration, is unusual. Carriers are concerned about missing out on wage increases and cost-of-living allowances." - Comments (Count)
Postal Rate Fight Continues as Publishers Battle USPS "Stupidity Tax"
4.12.2017 - Publishing Executive reports: "FSS prepared Periodicals flats in FY2016 cost an average of almost 17 cents per piece more than CR [carrier route] presorted flats cost in non-FSS zones," Stralberg wrote, citing the USPS's own data. "The average cost added by FSS flats to Periodicals costs in FSS zones is 10.5 cents per piece," an increase of about 40%." - Why the Flats Sequencing System Should Be Scrapped - Comments (Count)


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