6 Next-Generation Concept Vehicles to Replace the U.S. Mail Truck


The U.S. Postal Service has issued a call for new delivery vehicles. Motor 1, in collaboration with Varomma, has answered the call with these six concepts.


Above: The hydrogen-powered Nikola One Semi would come with a million miles’ worth of free fuel.


Above: The electric Vision Van would deploy a fleet of drones to make deliveries.


Above: A Tesla X mail delivery vehicle, with a range of 289 miles from a single $13.20 charge, could help the USPS balance its books.


Above: This Jeep Wrangler concept pays homage to the original Dispatcher Jeeps.


Above: Boasting a 6.3 litre V12 engine and 0-100km acceleration in 3.4 seconds, this Ferrari will give a new meaning to the term Express Mail.


Above: The American Motors Military HUMMER will get the mail delivered through rain, sleet, snow and the apocalypse.

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  • Ryan Kuwahara

    None of them would work for us … Either way to big or way to small

  • burger king

    I wouldn’t mind some air condition for the south texas heat we get but i’m sure that’s asking for too much