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NPMHU Says News of Further Plant Closings is Disturbing



The National Postal Mail Handlers Union (NPMHU) has released a statement concerning the U.S. Postal Service’s plans to close and consolidate additional postal facilities beginning in 2015. Here is their statement:

(June 30, 2014)  The Union was notified this afternoon that the Postal Service plans to reinstitute the “Network Rationalization Plan” starting next year, in January 2015.  You will recall that many of the plant closings and consolidations were put on hold earlier this year, in February 2014, when the Postal Service announced in the Federal Register that it was suspending any further implementation of its changes to service standards.

This news is very disturbing, and continues a pattern of foolhardy actions by the USPS in a misguided “cut to survive” strategy that will ultimately lead to the demise of the Postal Service.  It also represents the Service’s latest attempt to threaten Members of Congress with adverse consequences in their home districts if the Postmaster General does not get the legislation he is supporting.

You will recall that in prior rounds of closings and consolidations the National Office disseminated guidance to the Local Unions and all union representatives on how best to react to the various situations that may arise as a result of a particular closing and/or consolidation.  We plan to update those materials, and will distribute them again during the coming weeks.

The National Office plans to work closely with all of our Local Unions to develop the best strategy to combat this ill-advised action by the PMG.  Rest assured that we will insist on full compliance with the National Agreement, and that all contractual provisions will be enforced against the Postal Service should it proceed down this road.

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