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CCA Wants Suggestions on How to Clean Carrier Shirts


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I’m a CCA and just found your website. I’m having the hardest time keeping my carrier shirts clean! They get these huge tan/brown stains from my satchel strap and holding the mail against my shirt. My boss is asking me why I look so dirty all the time, but I’ve tried everything! My roommate’s mom used to work in a dry cleaning place and she said to try Dawn, and hydrogen peroxide, my mom suggested soaking/washing with OxyClean, I’ve tried color safe bleach…nothing gets it out! I’ve barely had these shirts two months, and I’m told I can’t purchase more until I get my allotment next year!

Any recommendations you might have would be greatly appreciated! I love my job and I want to represent the Post Office with pride, not with a grungy uniform.


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