USPS to Launch Early Morning Delivery Service?



In the lower right-hand corner of the Postal Service’s new website there is a space that says COMING SOON with an image of a person wearing a jacket that has a USPS logo with the words Early Morning Delivery.


Perhaps this space and Early Morning Delivery logo will be used to feature the Postal Service’s early morning delivery of Amazon Fresh groceries in select markets. But the Amazon Fresh service already has a name and a logo. Perhaps the USPS is planning to offer additional early morning deliveries in addition to Amazon Fresh products. Or perhaps the USPS is planning to provide early morning delivery of mail such as Wall Street Journal publications. Whatever the plan, it will surely require additional manpower of CCAs (City Carrier Assistants) who are already being stretched thin with regular duties during the week and Amazon Sundays on the weekends.

  • Hannah Blector

    Early morning is just after late evening. Nothing is early anymore.

  • RS

    Will these failed deliveries also get entered as undeliverable as addressed? Stop the games!