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Polar Bottle Review



My letter carrier route here in Dallas is mixed (residential, business, apartments) and I don’t need a full water jug to make it through the day. A water bottle will get me to my apartment deliveries where there is more water. My old water bottle didn’t keep the water cold, so I decided to try a Polar Bottle bought at Academy Sports. The Polar Bottle has a double-wall construction that creates a thermal barrier and supposedly keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. I filled the bottle with ice cubes to the top, then water, in the morning before heading out to my route. This was about 8:30AM. Unfortunately, by 11AM the ice had melted and the water was cool but not cold. And by 12:30PM the water had lost almost all of its chill. Nevertheless, the cool water was still better than the warm water in my old water bottle. Freezing or partially freezing the water in the Polar Bottle overnight is said to keep the water cold for a longer period of time (perhaps too long according to several reviews at – Tom,