UPS Driver Kicks Dog, Pushes Owner



A UPS driver kicks a small dog as it runs towards him, then pushes the owner after the owner runs towards the driver. The owner says the UPS driver came out of nowhere, like a tornado, but surveillance video shows both the dog and owner running towards the driver.

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  • wong

    He should have pounder the dog and given it to a Chinese food restaurant.

  • Billy Bolognese

    should of pepper spayed the dog

  • mistaeric .

    Its the dogs owners fault not the UPS driver! The driver is suppose to protect himself by any means necessary! What…people would be happy if the driver got bite and was bleeding and needed rabies shot? GTF outta here!

  • sonofnothing

    I have these millionaire yuppy antique collectors that always have parcels. They CONTINUE to open the front door when I on the porch to retrieve their bullshit, thus letting out their 2 little shit dogs that bark their heads off and attack my legs. I’ve come very close to kicking them. I’ve yelled at the customers to keep the door closed until I’m back in my truck.

    IS THAT SO HARD??? Their thick skulls prove it is.