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Tonight (Sunday Oct. 25) I received an email message from stating that my package (of sports equipment) had been attempted to be delivered at 5:30PM, and it was unable to be delivered due to the “business” being closed. Well, my address in not a business first of all, and second I was at my house (the delivery address) at 5:30PM.

First, I’m not really concerned about the package. I am of the opinion that the Postal Service can take at least one day off and not exhaust its resources. I’ll be perfectly fine to get my package (hopefully) tomorrow.

But what I’m concerned about is evidence the Postal Service is not delivering all the packages it is slated to deliver on Sundays. Each Monday at my Dallas post office we send an employee to a hub post office where the Sunday packages are delivered from, and each Monday we receive a trove of packages that weren’t delivered on time. On my route alone I receive a number of packages to a certain apartment complex that is gated but the office that receives the packages is outside of the gates. Now I understand the CCA delivering the Sunday packages may not know about the office drop off. Also, as has happened on occasion, if the hub packages aren’t back to my office on Monday by the time I leave on my route, those packages have been delivered on Tuesday. But recently my post office has been receiving parcels on Mondays with no excuses, to residences that were of course not closed or gated. From what I’m hearing there are simply not enough employees scheduled to handle the Sunday workloads.

All this has the Postal Service in a precarious position. The Republicans, in a move against unionized workers, passed legislation (prefunding requirement) to essentially starve the Postal Service into employee cuts, in the hopes of making the Service act more like a business. But when the Postal Service responds to the market, offering deep discounts to Amazon and expanding delivery days, it finds itself short of available workers to meet the increased demands.

The USPS OIG is currently conducting an audit report on delivery scans. Hopefully this report can identify and verify such problems so that appropriate measures can be taken

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  • vitameatavegamin

    The OIG’S recommendation will probably be to blame the rank-and-file for everything and promote the geniuses who were responsible for this fiasco……I get the sense that some morons at L’ Enfant Plaza knew all along that this might not work , but hey, there’s always plenty of cushy “consultant” jobs around after they sabotage the USPS into oblivion, right? Congress is only to blame for part of this…I’ve spent nearly 27 years myself as a carrier, and it seems that the more they have spent in wasted money on anything related to making our job “better” through “automation”, the more they have screwed it up, particularly since Runyon left the PMG post in the mid 1990s. Sabotage from our leadership? I’d like to think not, but I keep having my doubts. (Unlike some out there, I’d really like to have an intelligent discourse at,but it’s not easy, due to a few troll knuckleheads….clean them out and I’ll be happy to not harass them)