NALC/USPS Management Discord in Dallas



Sid Simmons, president of NALC Branch 132 in Dallas, is demanding an apology from a station manager over alleged mistreatment received after visiting a Farmers Branch post office to investigate possible mistreatment of CCAs. If the treatment Sid received is any indication, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn the CCAs may have received some of the same attitude. (See Sid’s article below.)

CCAs are under tremendous pressure in Dallas. It seems that delivery units in Dallas are always understaffed, and CCAs are thrown to this route and that route to plug the holes, often six days a week, plus a seventh day to deliver Amazon parcels. Management, also, is under pressure to deal with seven-day-a-week staffing issues and a seven-day-a-week deluge of parcels while attempting to maintain work hour and efficiency goals. It’s not exactly the ideal work environment for anyone. But degradation is not the answer.

The discord continues to concern me. While there are professional supervisors and managers in Dallas, there are more than a few who manage with hate as a management trait. I’m not sure what the solution is, but one thing I keep putting out there is that the USPS needs to hire more veterans. The USPS should in my opinion have a green-to-blue program that encourages the hiring of military veterans. Veterans by and large have many of the qualities that employers are seeking, including loyalty, respect, commitment, work ethic, leadership development and more. When I first started working at the USPS (at the Grand Prairie Post Office in 1990) many of the supervisors and managers were veterans or reservists. One was a Lt. Col. in the Army Reserves and another was a stand-up ex-Marine who understood how to lead and manage a unit. These supervisors respected their workers and the workers respected them. Unfortunately, some of the managers of today do not have those experiences and abilities developed in the military, nor from any other prior experience or job for that matter.

– Tom


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  • Kakamangus

    Some details of the mis-treatment would have been nice.

    But the hiring of more vets will not work because it means hiring less of other groups.

    Like women, minorities, etc etc. and their advocates will object loudly.

  • LDDC Louie

    Affirmative Action gets the crappy results that we have seen the past few decades. You need to hire someone, either in management or wherever, based on a person’s experience and abilities, not their gender or race. Actually, I think the PO started it’s nose dive back in 1986, when the women’s groups began to take root in the PO. After that , it was all women being hired, and too many of them were not management material at all.