A New Spin on TSP Investing



The following is a guest article from TSP Evolution:

Many times, investing can seem boring or pointless. Who wants to worry about investing in the future when we can live for today? Not to mention, investing is complex and consumes a lot of your time. One thing is for certain, don’t stop investing! Investing in your retirement is one of the most important things you can do in your lifetime.

One interesting website that plans to make investing simple for all Thrift Savings Plan members is www.tspevolution.com. TSP Evolution is the first website designed for an optimal viewing experience which includes: easy reading and navigation, resizing, and the ability to work on a wide range of devices (mobile, tablets, desktops, etc.).

TSP Evolution has two types of services:

1. Basic User (Free) – This allows users to setup a virtual account that is funded with $100,000 in virtual cash. Members have the option to add a profile picture, make interfund transfers (known as allocation changes) in their virtual account, receive accolades for highest monthly and yearly returns, and make posts to TSP Evolution’s secure forum.

2. Premium User ($9/mo) – Has all the same features as the Basic User plus they can: create new topics in the secure forum, follow other users, review other member’s returns, and receive email notifications when any user they follow executes an interfund transfer.

*Note- Premium accounts are FREE for 30-Days and there is no credit card or personal information required except for your email to setup an account.

Since the websites launch last month, a member of the website has already demonstrated the ability to outperform the market by posting a net return of 7.90% for the month of October. This return is far better than the top performing TSP Fund (S Fund 4.11%).

How would you decide if this is something for you? Ask yourself if you want to start trading today to prepare for the long term. The financial moves you make today enable you to reach your financial goals for tomorrow!

TSP Evolution has taken the financial advisor out of the equation and let you as a TSP participant take control of your own future with like-minded individuals that also share the same interest. The website is clearly made for working professionals on the go.

TSP Evolution’s Co-Founder, Matt Melton has stated; “While there are a few financial advisors that have a track record of outperforming the market on a continuous basis, using these experts will cost you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars to use. Why not have Thrift Savings Plan members come together to teach one another on various trading tactics that help to maximize returns?”

One great example he uses is: If you earn a return of 7% a year for a number of years in one of the various TSP funds, there is the potential to have a user explain why he/she decided to move to a more conservative TSP Fund prior to a pullback in the market that in turn could make your returns elevate to 8, 9, 10% or more. Not a bad tactic when all you do is check your email for an alert from one of the top trading members you follow or sign into the secure forum and find out why. This will help you make an informed decision prior to executing a trade in your own Thrift Savings Plan.

You might feel investing is too risky and want to stay in treasuries (G Fund), which is fine. As a matter of fact, there are many that stay in the G Fund because they are approaching retirement, and that is understandable.

Unfortunately, history shows that staying parked in a conservative fund or cash is a great way to lose money. When calculating returns with inflation, the value of your cash declines year after year as prices for goods and services increase with inflation.

There is no one stock trader or investing guru that knows with any certainty what the markets will do each day. That is why when you join a community like TSP Evolution, there is a better chance for you to make more informed decisions.

Are you curious to see how one simple website can change your investing strategy? Sign up for your FREE account today at TSP Evolution.

**Disclaimer- TSP Evolution is not a Registered Investment Advisor. TSP Evolution provides educational information about the Thrift Savings Plan. It was designed to be a virtual trading platform where TSP participants can interact and discuss various TSP strategies for maximizing TSP returns. TSP Evolution is NOT affiliated with the United States Government, the Thrift Savings Plan or www.tsp.gov


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