Do Postal Reform Senators Want Goldway Gone?



An old story appeared today in the Washington Free Beacon about PRC Chairman Ruth Goldway’s travel expenses. It is an odd, out of place news story and is rehashed news from several years ago. But there’s an excerpt from the article that intersects with another recent postal news article about two senators who would like to pass postal reform legislation in the upcoming lame duck period. Following is an excerpt from the Washington Free Beacon article Jet-Setting Postal Service Chairman Racks Up Big Travel Bill:

In July, Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee chairman Tom Carper (D., Del.) and ranking member Tom Coburn (R., Okla.) wrote to President Obama asking him to name a new PRC chair to replace Goldway before her term expires.

Carper and Coburn are the subject of a recent Direct Marketing News article about the two senators planning to have their Postal Reform Act passed (quickly) during the lame duck session. The article notes that Carper wants to keep a 4.3% rate increase, which the PRC only temporarily approved last December.

Whether it was Carper and Coburn or an ally, the Washington Free Beacon article has the hallmarks of a hatchet job. Goldway, though forward-thinking in the past on many postal-related issues, has been more of a traditionalist in recent years, questioning many service-cutting and cost-cutting initiatives. It’s possible some in Washington, including at least one fellow commissioner, consider Goldway as an impediment to their postal reforming goals. The “hatchet job” article came almost to the day that Carper and Coburn’s lame duck postal reform initiative was announced. Back in 2012, Goldway defended her international postal-related travels as being part of her job. Indeed, the Postal Service has ties and agreements with virtually every nation on Earth. Reform-minded PMG Donahoe has traveled internationally also, including to Qatar where he gave a perfunctory speech, yet there doesn’t seem to be any concern from the senators about his travels.

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