Express Mail Also Impacted by Service Standard Changes?


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Yesterday I went to my local Post Office as I had an Express Mail to send off. I do this routinely. What was significant about yesterday is that, according to the window clerks, Express Mail is no longer overnight service because of changes that were made effective 9/4/12. I understand that service standards were changed for 1st Class but I was unaware, and I have not seen any news source state, that Express Mail would be affected by the service standard changes. There is a big difference between paying 45 cents and paying $40 for shipping an item. What i am talking about is the guaranteed delivery that is on my receipt was changed from what had been next day by noon, to 2 day service by 3PM. The clerks told me that this was not just for the city I was sending to (Chicago) but for all locations. The Post Office I was shipping from is the only post office in a city of 40,000 people (not a huge place but certainly big enough with access to an airport). According to the clerks it was quite possible my package would be delivered next day by noon but that the guarantee for that service is now changed. I have shipped express to Chicago (prior to 9/4/12) and it was overnight in the past unless I shipped after 5PM. The clerks told me that since 9/4/2012 all Express from 54403 was 2 day at best. I believe that if the USPS can no longer guarantee overnight delivery that the USPS will lose lots of business to FEDEX and USPS in the highly profitable urgent mail business.

Indeed, a check of the USPS Express Mail Service Commitment App lists 54403 to Chicago for second day delivery, despite a distance of only 279 miles between the two locations.