Letter Carriers

Junior-Seniority Carriers Have Last Laugh Over Thanksgiving Annual Leave


A funny thing has happened at my Lakewood Post Office here in Dallas. Seems that seven junior-seniority letter carriers have outwitted the system to obtain premium Thanksgiving week Annual Leave that normally goes to our seven most senior letter carriers. Not exactly sure how it happened, but it appears the most senior carrier signed up on the wrong week in November, and the next six senior letter carriers followed his lead. An alert junior carrier noticed the mistake, signed herself up for the real Thanksgiving week, then told six of her junior-seniority buddies about the mistake and they signed up as well. Despite the coup, they kept it a secret until this past weekend. Needless to say the senior letter carriers were not happy and the junior carriers were having a riot. Moral to the story: When you sign up for your Annual Leave for the coming year it’s best to double check the dates. – Tom, PostalMag.com