Letter Carriers: Where’s the Contract?



Letter Carriers across the U.S.A. are beginning to grumble about the lack of a new contract. A new contract is currently being negotiated between the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) and the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). The last contract expired almost a year ago on May 20th, 2016. The length of time, without the contract going to arbitration, is unusual. is seeing an upsurge in letter carriers inquiring about the new contract. Carriers are concerned about missing out on wage increases and cost-of-living allowances. talked with a NALC official in early February 2017 who believed the contract should be ready in about six weeks and that it would be similar to the recent Mail Handlers contract (or a little better). That conversation was seven weeks ago. For reference, here are the details of the Mail Handlers contract:

All career Mail Handlers will receive three general wage increases during the term:

– the first, retroactively effective to November 26, 2016, will be 1.2%
– the second, effective on November 25, 2017, will be 1.3%
– the third, effective on November 24, 2018, will be 1.3%

In addition, the contract also contains seven cost-of-living adjustments. Mail Handlers have already received two COLAs, $21 for September 2016 (retroactive) and $333 for the second COLA effective March 4, 2017. will continue to keep you updated about the upcoming contract.

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  • lucky

    no excuse for the contract taking this long management is harrasing us with there numbers and the scanners, if we got forbid stop for 5 or 10 mins more then twice doesn t mean we re on breaKS we do postal related duties on the road. it is getting out of hand. leave us alone to do our jobs that they no nothing about

    mail carrier work

  • Fed up

    Every contract same thing. Not only is just about every contract almost identical to previous contract but it takes them additional year at bargaining table. Time to put new people in that knows how to meet a deadline

  • burger king

    I wonder how much time is actually spent on negotiations? I say just forego negotiations and go straight to binding arbitration

  • burger king

    they like to harass us because it makes them feel better and more important

  • Mr.Zip

    Then it could take another year in arbitration for it to get resolved and the arbitrator will award the same deal the APWU and the Mail Handlers got.

  • burger king

    I think we will have some news by the end of the week. I called Madame Cleo on that psychic hotline and she assured me so

  • Scab

    My opinion contract already settled and has been for some time. PO saving millions by waiting so union reps getting nice little gratuity for waiting to help mgt. Think about it carriers losing out on new contract wages being put in our tsp and all overtime and vtime. We will never see once it’s settled. So union reps getting gratuity in return. No update on contract from union since July 18 2016

  • burger king

    they say there’s a time and place for everything. I remember when I was about 4 years old, I asked my Mom ” Is Christmas here yet?” and she said ” No. You just have to be patient son. It will get here eventually” and she was right. the contract will get here eventually. we just don’t know the year

  • GPS tracker slacker

    we really do need new union leadership at the top . a year is a joke . i could understand a couple months but this is not good for membership . they negotiate what they can and figure membership will approve of whatever they throw at us at this point because were all frustrated . it would be funny if it gets voted down . carriers are working harder now than ever . routes are long ( over 7 hours ) post is insane and extremely heavy .

  • Scab

    That’s definitely part of it it’s been so long we just want new contract so most carriers will ratify it just so we don’t have to wait so long. Only one more contract after this before retirement

  • Scab

    I’m sure people that retired after last contract expired will never see any back pay

  • Mail

    Former T.E got fuck the last time $ 6.00 pay cut bullshit

  • jonnyohio

    As a newer regular under the new crappy pay scale, I’m dying for a raise. I find it pathetic they took this long to give us whatever the mail handlers got.

  • burger king

    the union sold you out I’m afraid when they agreed to the lower pay scale

  • phill906

    I think they practice in front of a mirror just to pump themselves up!

  • burger king

    we got this new 204b who was so sorry when she was carrying mail. always calling in sick and using more overtime than anybody else. even though she had the easiest route. but now that she’s stepped up, she criticizes us for every little thing she can think of. she told me that I went over my street time yesterday by ten minutes. I left a little earlier because I took some circulars that didn’t need to be cased up. I took them to the street since they were in order. I thought it would be all right to use a little more on the street since I took less time in the office. but NO!!!!!!! I wish Godzilla would run into her . He would make quick work of her. But he’d probably get acid indigestion

  • phill906

    Did you tell her that the 3996 is just an estimate? And has she read the DOIS memorandum? Can she read? Did you laugh at her?

  • burger king

    I challenged her to a mud wrestling match but she didn’t show up. She knew she couldn’t handle me. and I don’t think she is capable of reading anything over third grade level. and yes I laughed at her. In fact I’m still laughing. My wife told me to go outside until I’m through because I was getting on her nerves. Just as I went outside some clown with red hair got out of a pick up truck and went inside. Where have I seen that clown before??