Poem: The Mail Must Go Through



Martin Blumberg, age 74, is writing a book about his experiences of growing up on Amboy Street in Brownsville, Brooklyn in the 1950’s. He has strong memories about how life was at that time. Blumberg recalls a true story that happened to him when he was about 8 years old that he made into a poem. His dad was a mailman and delivered mail in Brooklyn for over 45 years.

The Mail Must Go Through

There was a boy named Nate that lived in New York State.
He had a rule, not to forget his lunch when going to  school.
But, when  lunch time  came and he started to look,
he realized his back pack was empty except for a book.

He went home hungry and couldn’t wait to snack,
the pantry was empty but noticed some cans in the back.
He climbed high on to the table, until Nate he was able to read the label.
All the  cans said “Dog Food” which  he was able to read,
but his family had no pets especially no dog to feed.
He was very puzzled and couldn’t understand why there was dog food,
much more than one can.

When his mom came home he questioned her why,
there was so much dog food but not even a piece of pie.
She said she just went shopping and bought plenty for him to eat,
then filled up his plate with many a treat.

His mom then explained the reason they had so much dog food
and why it was there.
She said since his dad was a mailman he had plenty to fear.
There were many dogs that would bark and run to his side,
so he would feed them the dog food  so he didn’t have to hide.

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