Postal Work Units Receiving Massive Chrysler Vans for Package Deliveries


Massive Chrysler Ram Promaster delivery vans are making their way to postal work units to be used for large package deliveries. The USPS ordered 9,113 of the 2016 Ram ProMaster 2500 cargo vans for an undisclosed price.

The new vans are significantly larger than current postal delivery vehicles. A placard on the dashboard says the clearance height is 8 feet, five inches. The increased height allows carriers to walk into the cargo area standing straight up. There is a built-in retractable jump seat for a passenger or route examiner.

The vehicles are not right-hand-drive and therefore cannot be used for mounted routes. The USPS expects to award a larger contract in 2017 to replace its aging fleet of 180,000 delivery vehicles.







  • ray ritter

    Why didn’t they make rear fender wells squared off so you can stack parcels on them? stupid is as stupid does.

  • Ray

    Anyone who uses this Vehicle use caution on rainy days due to the fact that the rear floor becomes very slippery


    No right hand drive. They sure thought that one thru didn’t they!

  • http://www.postaluniforms.org Adam P

    Still much improved over the LLV. Does it have A/C? More of these will change the uniform business for sure. http://www.postaluniforms.org

  • voiceofstl

    Did you read the artical?? Its for package delivery!!