PubLetters: Drink a beer, ink it, mail it in Philadelphia


Received via email at
Drink a beer, ink a letter — DOOBIES BAR, Tuesdays at 7pm,  in July •  (8th-15th-22nd-29th)
FREE — First Class USPS stamps from Trophy Bikes;  nice paper and envelopes provided by Casa de Papel, our exclusive stationery sponsor.
You can’t spell “Drink” without “Ink….”
Someone you know may really be waiting for a letter from you. A decent letter should take about as long as two good drinks; let us test this theory.
If you think this is interesting, please bounce it webwards and thank you for that.
There may be a bit more info at , although really, it’s a simple idea and don’t want to overthink it!
— Michael McGettigan / trophy bikes 712 N. 2nd St. Phila. PA 19123