Is Darrell Issa Karl Rove Jr.?

on’s excellent analysis of Karl Rove’s interest in the Postal Service spelled out exactly why Rove and the Republicans had it in for the USPS. The reason, it’s purely political and mainly aimed at reducing the amount of money labor unions can contribute to Democrats (along with a side of free-market, private-sector capitalism).

Today, many people have been wondering the motivations behind Rep. Darrell Issa’s “attacks” on the Postal Service. Seems, he is only being a good “company man” when it comes to supporting hard-line Republican ideals. Here’s why:

Issa is only repeating themes made famous by Karl Rove, as found in the above-linked article:

Rove: “The Democratic Party has three key funding sources: trial lawyers, Jews, and labor unions. One could systematically disable all three, by passing tort-reform legislation that would cut off the trial lawyer’s incomes, by tilting pro-Israel in Middle East policy and thus changing the loyalties of big Jewish contributors, and by trying to shrink the part of the labor force which belongs to the newer, and more Democratic, public-employee unions. The Bush Administration has pursued every item on that list.

If you did a Google search back in the Rove heyday, you would have seen that Republicans were going after these three facets of Democratic funding.

Today, a Google search will reveal the same about Issa and some fellow Republicans. Here’s a few links:

The Real Darrell Issa (is a Lebanese Christian, and Jew friendly):

Issa’s Absurd Tort Reform Ideas:

There you have it.