Roseanne’s New Email Address Plus Information About New Column Coming Soon


The following is a message from Roseanne Jefferson. Roseanne writes the very popular monthly Postal Retirement Q&A that can be found at Roseanne recently had her computer hacked and some postal workers received a fictitious email from the hacked account stating that Roseanne was stranded in Manila, Philippines and needed $1,950 to get home.


Good Day Postal Employees….Let me begin by saying a HUGE THANK YOU!!

So many of you who received  that fictitious email that I was in Manila needing money, to be specific $1950.00.  You were so generous to contact me, willing to help, not knowing if I was really in trouble.  The response was overwhelming.  I received literally hundreds of responses between emails and phone calls.  When I was “hacked” they took over my address book, (and then deleted it off my account) and created 2 different email addresses, that were generated from, as well as my actual former  email address at yahoo.  This has been a real life lesson for me.  In between my rage of losing so much of my personal information, reporting this cyber crime to the FBI, I had many periods of gratitude for my clients and readers, that made me truly understand the power of internet,  email and this column at postalmag.  It took me about 3 days to even be able to sort through what was left of my personal life, (that too was deleted)  and so I had to turn in the new computer I just bought in November (to keep up with the everything that is involved in writing this column;  doing “Air Mail Retirements” for those of you out of state; Group Retirement Sessions and personal one-on-one sessions that many of you have driven here to North Carolina), and now with this new MAC computer that I am trying to learn all of the differences between that and a PC, I am, as they say “under the cloud”.

My new email address is

I am putting this informational column up, but I will be creating a column for February very soon.  I hope you are all aware, the column is about YOUR questions and  MY answers from/to all of you.  They are actual questions, nearly word for word.  I must tell you that I do “sanitize” the questions so that when you write me, there is no tell-tale sign of where you have written from, or referencing cities or states where you work.  Many of your questions are sometimes quite specific to NDC’s; Plants, Post Offices, or Districts, and yes even Headquarters!!  I don’t want anyone to feel that by their questions being in this column, to help others with same issues, perhaps their identity could be revealed.
Other than the emails that I have on my phone, (linked to the yahoo account) there is not much of a written response…I had those of you send me your phone number and I responded with a phone call back to you.  Those of you that were called… well you know how surprised you were when I did.
Oh, I still have much to write about that you are ALL going to be very interested in…really!!  A lot of it is some changes that have taken place, that I am sure many of you don’t know about…that YOU SHOULD!
Be looking for the February column…be patient with my time in responding…(those of you who have written know you get a response fairly quickly, (always to your surprise!)), I am trying to learn this MAC and recreate YEARS of information.   Till we speak again……..and again, a very humble thank you….. Roseanne