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U.S. Postal Service employees can exchange jobs with other postal employees, as long as certain conditions are met. ELM 351.6 states:

ELM 351.6: General Policy

Career employees may exchange positions (subject, when necessary, to the provisions of the appropriate collective-bargaining agreement) if the exchange of positions is approved by the officials in charge at the installations involved. Mutual exchanges must be made between employees in positions at the same grade levels.

The following employees are not eligible to exchange positions:

1. Part-time Flexibles with full-time employees.
2. Bargaining-unit employees with non bargaining-unit employees.
3. Non-supervisory employees with supervisory employees.

Employees can post their mutual transfer requests with their appropriate postal labor unions (which are published in union publications), at some labor union Web sites, and at this Web site – (See right column for details.)


Letter Carriers

Carriers may not exchange assignments, since vacated routes must be posted for bids in accordance with local and national agreements.


When mutual exchanges are made between full-time Clerk Craft employees in different installations, both of the exchanging employees shall take the seniority date of the junior employee involved and shall be reassigned as unassigned full-time employees.

Maintenance Craft

The seniority for Maintenance Craft employees who are reassigned between installations as the result of a mutual exchange in accordance with applicable provisions of the Employee and Labor Relations Manual will be established for both employees as that of the junior employee involved.

Motor Vehicle Service

Mutual exchanges may be made only between full-time Motor Vehicle Service employees who are the same level and have the same occupational code. The seniority for Motor Vehicle Craft employees, who are reassigned between installations as a result of a mutual exchange in accordance with applicable provisions of the Employee and Labor Relations Manual (ELM), will be established for both employees as that of the junior employees involved.

Transfer Tips

You can increase your chances of finding the right person in the right area to arrange a mutual transfer with by following these steps:

– Obtain the addresses of local postal facilities in the area(s) you wish to transfer to.
– Make a flyer with your transfer and contact information. Mail the flyers to the local postal facilities. Include a short letter addressed to the supervisor/manager asking that your flyer be posted on the time clock or other visible area.

View/Post Transfer Ads

Current Listings

Post your mutual transfer request at and view other mutual transfer requests. Click on the links below to get started:

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How to post a mutual transfer ad:

1. Register and login at

2. Select your craft (mail handlers, custodial, and others please use “All Others”)

3. Click on New >> Discussion

4. In the Subject area enter where you are now and where you want to transfer to. (For example: Dallas to Orlando)

5. In the Message section include pertinent information. Information can include your name, position, duty hours, seniority date and related comments. Example:
“Dallas to Orlando. My seniority date is June 2, 1991 and I wish to transfer to Orlando to be near Walt Disney World. Plenty of OT available in Dallas. All offers considered. Bill, 555-555-5555”