USPS OIG Investigates Grievance Payouts in S. Florida



It’s happening in post offices across the country. Front-line postal supervisors are using short-term fixes to address immediate situations but incurring more costs for the Postal Service in the long run. Case in point: A supervisor mandates letter carriers on the “no overtime list” to deliver mail on overtime while carriers on the overtime list aren’t worked to their potential maximum hours. In many or most cases, such incidences are violations of the labor contract. In the end, both “no overtime” carriers and “overtime” carriers win grievances and money, while the Postal Service also incurs more costs in the form of hourly wages to process and settle the grievances.

That’s pretty much what the USPS Office of Inspector General (USPS OIG) found in the South Florida District. The OIG reviewed 30 randomly selected FY 2013 grievance payout costs in the district totaling $22,771. Fifteen of those 30 grievance payouts were related to overtime. The OIG concluded that supervisors did not properly assign overtime, required employees to work outside their skill sets, moved carriers from their regular routes, performed employees’ duties, and denied access to union representatives. The OIG recommended the South Florida District implement measures from the Central Plains District regarding grievances and grievance payout costs.

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