VIDEO: Postal Worker Throws Package Over 12 Foot Fence



This is one of the more hilarious, if not tragic, videos of a postal worker throwing a package. The postal worker, seeing a 12 foot fence is blocking his delivery, stands with his back against the fence and launches an over-the-head granny-style throw that sends the package airborne.

But this wasn’t the first time. Two weeks earlier another postal worker took two tries to get a package over the same fence.

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  • Hannah Blector

    That was amazin’. I mean, Amazon.

  • Robert Dacier

    We are told that amazon packages are to be delivered no matter what. big fence means it has to be thrown. This comes from up above and they are to blame for directing employees to leave the package regardless of the circumstance. This directive comes right from amazon and they dont seem to care so why should we?

  • postalworker1


  • John Smeckels

    Dont order packages then

  • tomfoster

    I call BS. This is a cop out. If you think Amazon wants their package thrown, perhaps you should find another line of work. I am USPS.

  • cheryl

    It’s true. They don’t care if it’s left out in the rain as long as it’s delivered. They say they have the insurance so deliver it.