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February 2017
Baton Rouge: Two young men wanted after USPS carrier robbed at gunpoint - Comments (Count)
USPS to Rebuild From Winthrop Post Office Fire - Comments (Count)
SF: Mail Thieves Taking Money From Cards - Comments (Count)
Woman says package missing after postal worker dropped if off at wrong address - Comments (Count)
Passion for the post office: Two employees on why they love what they do - Comments (Count)
Bamboozled: Have a mailbox? See the scary 'identity takeover' that could happen to you - Comments (Count)
Korean postal workers being worked to death in 'kwarosa' - Comments (Count)
Dutch postal service to cut another 2,000 jobs - Comments (Count)
Rolando: The USPS isn't 'in decline' - far from it - Comments (Count)
Turnover Rising Among Non-Career Postal Employees (60% for CCAs) - Comments (Count)
Delivery comes 7 years late, still intact - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: What does it take to be a postal carrier? - Comments (Count)
Mail mix-up leaves Memphis woman searching for answers - Comments (Count)
Former PMG Bailar, in 1976 speech, predicted troubles ahead for USPS - Comments (Count)
Early Risers: USPS Distribution Clerks - Comments (Count)
Elderly man killed by postal truck in NYC - Comments (Count)
Georgia postal carrier arrested on route for possession of cocaine - Comments (Count)
Infamous Denver mailbox has to be moved AGAIN - Comments (Count)
Mailman stops delivering to street where dogs attacked him - Comments (Count)
Former Postmaster General Benjamin Franklin Bailar Dies at Age 82 - Comments (Count)
USPS Locates and Delivers Missing SNES Games - Comments (Count)
Former USPS Worker Joins Carrier Hall of Shame With Mail Hoard Dating Back to 2000 - Comments (Count)
FedEx, USPS Extend Air Express Contract Through 2024 - Comments (Count)
Former Rochester mail worker charged with stealing smartphones - Comments (Count)
Postal Service apologizes for losing over a month's worth of Va. man's mail - Comments (Count)
Cincinnati: USPS Hiring Hundreds of Local Mail Carriers - Comments (Count)
USPS Employees Database Updated 2017 - Comments (Count)
Mail recovery begins at Winthrop post office destroyed by fire - Comments (Count)
Maryville family upset postal worker sprayed fenced-in dog (bear spray?) - Comments (Count)
Postal carrier hid 'dump truck loads' of undelivered mail - Comments (Count)
The Last Frontier: Alaska by Post Office - Comments (Count)
USPS Explains the Postage Pricing Review - Comments (Count)
Facing lawsuit, Armstrong says he loved wearing 'Postal' - Comments (Count)
Life-saving medicines go missing, problem lies with post office - Comments (Count)
UPS Tries Arming Its Brown-Clad Drivers With an Octocopter Drone - Comments (Count)
Postal Truck Goes Topsy-Turvy - Comments (Count)
Fire Destroys Winthrop Post Office - Comments (Count)
Mailman fired for losing license over DUI can't get unemployment comp - Comments (Count)
What I took away from the Tampa APWU Local Town Hall with Dimondstein on H.R. 756 - Comments (Count)
Guam: Postal employee pleads guilty in meth case - Comments (Count)
Spartan Motors Utilimaster Seeks Withdrawal From USPS NGDV Program as Body Builder - Comments (Count)
An ongoing fight against mail theft, residents fight back and U.S. Postal Inspectors ramp up staff - Comments (Count)
John F. Kennedy Commemorated on New Postal Stamp - Comments (Count)
Dimondstein: A vibrant Postal Service is vital - Comments (Count)
Mario is missing as USPS 'loses' $10,000 retro SNES collection - Comments (Count)
Staunton man killed in crash with postal truck - Comments (Count)
Postal Reform Bill Not Ready to Deliver - Comments (Count)
Vintage Photos of the Post Office in Its Prime - Comments (Count)
More Mail on Saturday? There's a Reason for That - Comments (Count)
Postal Views Podcast #57 (USPS Personal Connection) - Comments (Count)
Postal Views Podcast #56 (USPS Reform 2017 H.R. 756) - Comments (Count)
Statesville postal workers honored for safe driving - Comments (Count)
More Richmond mail carriers accuse USPS of unfair labor practices - Comments (Count)
Colorado post office lobbies become magnet for homeless - Comments (Count)
Movement targets closure of Lihue USPS branch - Comments (Count)
The Robbery Turned Mail Heist That Triggered a Manhunt at North Star Mall - Comments (Count)
Package thief confronted by postal carrier - Comments (Count)
Mail truck runs over family dog - Comments (Count)
Bronx residents left without mailboxes as Postal Service cracks down on 'mailbox fishing' - Comments (Count)
APWU: Significant COLA Increase - Comments (Count)
House bill seeks to expand appeal rights for Postal Service management - Comments (Count)
Will Trump sign postal reform legislation? - Comments (Count)
Brooklyn mailman mugger caught - Comments (Count)
Morgan Stanley puts Amazon Prime subscribers at 65 million - Comments (Count)
SUV crashes into Shrewsbury post office  |  Car crashes through wall of Bingville Post Office - Comments (Count)
San Antonio: Three suspects arrested in shooting of postal worker - Comments (Count)
Vernon Postal Worker Arrested on DUI - Comments (Count)
Chaffetz discussed postal legislation with Trump - Comments (Count)
Nearly 300 in Richmond join lawsuit against USPS over time card manipulation - Comments (Count)
Petaluma Great Dane to be euthanized after postal worker attack - Comments (Count)
Doorbell camera records postal service carrier dropping, kicking package - Comments (Count)
Why Mike Nodine Supports H.R. 756 - Comments (Count)
OIG publishes report on international postal price regulation - Comments (Count)
Oroville Dam evacuations impact mail delivery - Comments (Count)
Lincoln postal worker arrested for changing addresses, using credit cards - Comments (Count)
Brooklyn: Robber steals postman's 'master key' - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: APWU President Guffey Testifying in 2013: Unions Have Been Planning Medicare Move for Years - Comments (Count)
Washington Post: The Postal Service needs more than a Band-Aid - Comments (Count)
4 hurt when vehicle crashes into Crossville post office - Comments (Count)
Video shows postal worker stuffing mail down sweatpants - Comments (Count)
U.S. postal worker's life saved by passing cyclists - Comments (Count)
NARFE Strongly Opposes H.R. 756: "Unfairly places burden of fixing Postal finances on the backs of postal retirees" (PDF) - Comments (Count)
Stidman: Postal Unions Supporting Bill to Improve Their Ability to Sell Health Plans - Comments (Count)
The town with the world's most romantic postmark - Comments (Count)
Mail carrier shot, car stolen in Spring Branch, Texas - Comments (Count)
NALC was "instrumental in developing" legislation that would create separate FEHBP pool for postal employees (PDF)  |  NALC Chief of Staff: "These reforms require sacrifices by our members, but we can support them" (PDF) - Comments (Count)
New postmaster sworn in at Blue Lake - Comments (Count)
Linn's: USPS reports $1.1 billion profit, $522 million in 'controllable income' for first quarter - Comments (Count)
PMG: Trust Us On Postal Rates - Comments (Count)
Neither Rain...Nor Blizzard? USPS Delivers During Storm - Comments (Count)
Veteran said he was asked to leave post office because he didn't have his service dog's ID - Comments (Count)
Mail truck overturns in 2-car accident - Comments (Count)
USPS warns defection of three key customers could hurt package business - Comments (Count)
Postal carrier honored for helping severely injured man on his route in Omaha - Comments (Count)
U.S. Postal Service says it lost $200 million over holiday season - Comments (Count)
Postal Union Bosses Forced to Return $1.1 Million Stolen From Rank-and-File - Comments (Count)
Alisa Calvert is Moberly's first woman postmaster - Comments (Count)
Piles of undelivered mail dumped on porch of abandoned home in D.C. - Comments (Count)
South Dennis post office seriously damaged after hit-and-run crash - Comments (Count)
NALC's Shocking Reversal on Centralized and Curbside Delivery - Comments (Count)
Postal reform legislation continues momentum with union support - Comments (Count)
Community mailboxes broken, no mail for seven weeks - Comments (Count)
Postal worker, 80, sorts her last letter - Comments (Count)
Revealed: Australia's mail chief paid $4.3 million last year - Comments (Count)
Balboa Island post office manager gets a hearty retirement send-off - Comments (Count)
Ridge working on bill to fix postal loophole preventing drug shipments from foreign countries - Comments (Count)
Postal Hub Podcast Episode 49: US Postal Reform - Comments (Count)
Postal Retirement Q&A February 2017 by Roseanne Jefferson - Comments (Count)
Burkey leaves postal service after 34 years - Comments (Count)
Witness List Includes Brennan, Taub and Rolando for House Committee Hearing on Postal Reform in the 115th Congress this Tuesday - Comments (Count)
Are Amazon packages delaying your mail?  |  Link: Amazon, quit shipping via USPS - Comments (Count)
USPS hiring 300 city carriers in Columbus area - Comments (Count)
Trump Administration Reportedly Considering Federal Union Busting, Civil Service Reforms - Comments (Count)
Amazon's Super Bowl ad features a Prime Air drone delivery - Comments (Count)
Mailman takes a break from delivering packages to do donuts - Comments (Count)
FedEx to Rely on Robots, Autonomous Trucks and Drones for Delivery - Comments (Count)
Have you hugged your postman today? - Comments (Count)
Milwaukee: SUV crashes into post office - Comments (Count)
'We are upset': Strongstown post office closes abruptly - Comments (Count)
Memphis: Neighbors tired of mail mess ups - Comments (Count)
Jacksonville couple blames post office for losing their immigration card - Comments (Count)
Fundraiser launched for children of postal worker killed in Lincoln Square - Comments (Count)
Amazon stock dips as revenue disappoints  |  Amazon increasingly wants to be its own deliveryman - Comments (Count)
Johnstown postal carrier honored for helping save two from burning home - Comments (Count)
USPS investigating alleged dog-kicking incident - Comments (Count)
A special delivery at a San Diego post office - Comments (Count)
USPS not delivering to some residents in Bonaire neighborhood - Comments (Count)
Memphis: Suspect arrested in robbery of USPS mail carriers - Comments (Count)
Postal Service announces plan to sell historic Richmond, CA post office - Comments (Count)
Mail carrier finds suicide note; couple found dead inside of gunshot wounds - Comments (Count)
Nyack mail carrier retiring after 38 years - Comments (Count)
UK: Post office faces legal battle with 200 sub-postmasters accused of fraud and theft - Comments (Count)
Locked mailboxes didn't deter thieves - Comments (Count)
'Vibrant' postal carrier killed on job in freak Lincoln Square accident - Comments (Count)
Post office 'mishap' cost woman $200 until ABC News 4 got involved - Comments (Count)
Bexley, Harrison residents push for solution to postal problems - Comments (Count)
Audiobook Reviews February 2017 by Jonathan Lowe - Comments (Count)
OMB Says USPS is Exempt From Federal Hiring Freeze - Comments (Count)
House panel displays bipartisan unity over bill to save the Postal Service
2.07.2017 - Washington Post reports: "Much of what the bill would do is in the weeds of postal finances, dealing with the nitty-gritty of health benefits for employees and retirees, pensions, governance and contracting. Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan said the provision requiring postal retirees to fully participate in Medicare is key because that "would essentially eliminate our unfunded liability for retiree health benefits," which has been a major driver of postal doldrums." - Video and Testimony - NALC: All Four Postal Unions Urge Committee to Adopt Legislation - Postal Unions Agreeing to Have Postal Employees Segregated Into Separate FEHBP Risk Pool (PDF, page 5) - APWU: A Positive Step Forward - Comments (Count)
House Committee Leaders Introduce Bipartisan Postal Reform Legislation
Centralized/Curbside Delivery, Postal FEHBP Plans, Medicare for Retirees, Private Sector Pay for PMG, DPMG

2.01.2017 - reports: "Today, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee leaders introduced H.R. 756, the Postal Service Reform Act of 2017. The bill addresses unfunded liabilities of the USPS, makes reforms to keep mailing costs affordable for consumers, and encourages innovation, all without additional borrowing capacity from the U.S. taxpayer." - NALC Reviewing Bills - APWU Reviewing Legislation - Major Mailing Organization Backs - Legislation Introduced to Reform Postal Employees' Benefits - Comments (Count)


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