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February 2018
Postal Service denies artist's claim after commissioned painting damaged - Comments (Count)
Postmaster Removed for Unacceptable Conduct - Comments (Count)
After being hit five times by vehicles, bollards installed to protect post office - Comments (Count)
Quincy Welcomes New Postmaster - Comments (Count)
Amazon to Blow Over $1 Billion on Doorbells - Comments (Count)
Video: Nudists upset postal carrier won't deliver their mail - Comments (Count)
Snail mail fail: Greenburgh residents making hundreds of complaints about postal service - Comments (Count)
Several postal workers fired after reports of stolen mail - Comments (Count)
FedEx Says it Will Continue Offering NRA Members Discounts - Comments (Count)
Ex-Post Office supervisor gets probation for $3,000 theft - Comments (Count)
Nudists in Hudson upset over USPS carrier who won't deliver mail inside resort community - Comments (Count)
Post Office discontinuances and suspensions: A decade in review - Comments (Count)
Why Are People Boycotting FedEx? This NRA Protest is Sweeping Across Twitter - Comments (Count)
Rolling Meadows tries to get post office to come back - Comments (Count)
The post office is the 'last mile' in customer service - Comments (Count)
Long Beach Island Postal Worker Makes Second Save of His Career - Comments (Count)
USPS inspector general to probe Greenburgh mail problems - Comments (Count)
Mail carrier reportedly drops mail on man's new truck - Comments (Count)
Portland letter carrier retires after 40 years - Comments (Count)
Georgia postal worker discovers she's pregnant while giving birth in car - Comments (Count)
Neighbors have issues with mail in Colorado Springs neighborhood - Comments (Count)
Sal the (retired) Las Palmas mailman settles into his new life - Comments (Count)
Alabama man is a legendary, globe-trotting DJ - and a full-time postal worker - Comments (Count)
Congressman Scalise talks about mail problems in metro New Orleans - Comments (Count)
Husband of Indiana postal worker who drowned delivering mail says her death was preventable - Comments (Count)
Rep. Dingle joins hundreds of Ypsilanti postal customers to blast sloppy delivery - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: USPS delivery driver seen chunking packages over fence - Comments (Count)
Affidavit: Road rage the motive behind shooting of Dallas USPS employee - Comments (Count)
Here's why a mailman refused to deliver to San Francisco family - Comments (Count)
Arrest made in Dallas postal worker shooting - Comments (Count)
Letter carrier in the wrong place at the right time helps injured woman - Comments (Count)
Houston mail carrier caught on camera using gay slur - Comments (Count)
FSS continues to be a Postal Service headache - Comments (Count)
Postal Service spends millions on TV show about its crime-fighting inspectors - Comments (Count)
Postal worker killed in Dallas shooting called 'rock of the family' - Comments (Count)
NALC: Errors discovered on CCA earnings statements over the weekend concerning backpay  |  Facebook Discussion - Comments (Count)
Florida postal workers protest staffing shortages - Comments (Count)
Postal carrier caught on camera throwing package - Comments (Count)
Family, friends grieve postal worker killed on mail route - Comments (Count)
Dallas update: Grieving postal worker - Comments (Count)
Busted mailboxes force tenants to go without mail - Comments (Count)
What happened to the USPS? - Comments (Count)
USPS truck runs off road in Swansea - Comments (Count)
Update: Postal worker killed in Dallas identified - Comments (Count)
Police say missing Indiana postal worker found dead in overturned vehicle - Comments (Count)
U.S. Postal Service Driver Shot and Killed on Dallas Highway - Comments (Count)
USPS conducting audit report on FSS in the Capital Metro Area - Comments (Count)
Woman threatens to 'blow off' head of Dayton postal worker - Comments (Count)
Postal truck slides on ice, ends up on wall - Comments (Count)
USPS Honors Letter Carrier Who Rescued Woman on His Route - Comments (Count)
Facebook will mail out postcards to verify US election advertisers - Comments (Count)
Boondoggle: The FSS Goes From Bad to Worse - Comments (Count)
Amazon could be the nail in the Postal Service's coffin - Comments (Count)
'You've got one job' - Dozens of tubs of mail found in Petersburg dumpster - Comments (Count)
Three suffer smoke inhalation after small fire at Topeka Postal Service location - Comments (Count)
Amazon threat to FedEx overblown, it's the Postal Service that's in trouble, JP Morgan says - Comments (Count)
Celebrating 55 years at the USPS and still going - Comments (Count)
Officials Seeking Man in Armed Robbery of Encino Post Office: $50,000 Reward Offered - Comments (Count)
NBC12 Resolves Father and Son's Forwarded Mail Mix-up - Comments (Count)
Sonoma mailman hangs up his bag after 40 years on the job - Comments (Count)
Unsecured server exposed thousands of FedEx and USPS customer records - Comments (Count)
NALC: Fourth COLA set at $520 - Comments (Count)
The First African-American Mail Carrier Also Fought Wolves and Bears - Comments (Count)
Shipping by Amazon may cause over half of sellers to switch - Comments (Count)
Congressman Clarke Meets With Brooklyn Postmaster - Comments (Count)
Residents riled by loss of mail, theft of carts - Comments (Count)
Congressman MacArthur Upset With USPS - Comments (Count)
Salt Lake USPS facility the last in US to decode poorly penned mailing addresses - Comments (Count)
Postal truck overturns in Cape Coral crash - Comments (Count)
Amazon volume not enough for Postal Service to avoid losses - Comments (Count)
Robot dogs could deliver packages - Comments (Count)
Columbus: Too many unassigned routes and not enough carriers - Comments (Count)
Ex-Postal Service worker admits redirecting packages containing drugs - Comments (Count)
Federal employees can't make political posts at work, per new social-media rules - Comments (Count)
Postal Service Blames Bad Weather for Mail Delivery Problems - Comments (Count)
As Work Space, Old Post Offices Have a Timeless Allure - Comments (Count)
These are the 'worst post offices' in NYC, Patch readers say - Comments (Count)
5 Ways Magazine Publishers Can Maximize Postal Savings - Comments (Count)
Virgin Islands delegate to Congress criticizes USPS mail delivery after hurricanes - Comments (Count)
Hero Letter Carrier Saves Elderly Customer - Comments (Count)
Postal Views Podcast #80 (USPS Remembers 1970) - Comments (Count)
Magazines from 1960s delivered to Maryland home - Comments (Count)
Letter containing unidentified substance mailed to Trump Jr. home - Comments (Count)
Help find NYC's worst post office - Comments (Count)
Thieves steal 500 live cockroaches from mailbox - Comments (Count)
Mexico: The Postal Service Would Like to Remind You Not to Express Mail Tiger Cubs - Comments (Count)
Amazon's delivery dream is a nightmare for FedEx and UPS - Comments (Count)
Lost motorist walked 9 miles before sheltering in mail truck - Comments (Count)
Pope's message for Italian postal service: Put people before profits - Comments (Count)
Postal van struck by bullets in Rochester - Comments (Count)
Springfield firefighters knock down machinery fire at USPS bulk mail center - Comments (Count)
SWA likely won't just be delivering Amazon packages  |  Here's why Amazon wants to start its own delivery service - Comments (Count)
OPM increased money paid to divorced spouses without warning - Comments (Count)
Postal Service reports record number of pot-filled packages leaving Colorado - Comments (Count)
Postal worker retires after 42 years - Comments (Count)
Amazon reportedly launching a delivery service for businesses - Comments (Count)
Santa Rosa commissioners OK policy change for cluster mailboxes - Comments (Count)
Postal worker critically injured in Roseville crash - Comments (Count)
Residents in Des Moines neighborhood haven't received mail in a week - Comments (Count)
PRC Issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Minimum Contribution of Competitive Products - Comments (Count)
Amazon to deliver Whole Foods groceries in two hours - Comments (Count)
The mysterious tale of the couple who keep receiving free Amazon packages - Comments (Count)
Postal Service workers make their way through Southern Tier snow - Comments (Count)
Prairie Creek gets unexpected delivery as postal truck tumbles off road - Comments (Count)
Postal worker credited with saving woman's life from house fire - Comments (Count)
How the Postal Service is Making it Harder For You To Support Our Troops Overseas - Comments (Count)
Caught on Camera: Amazon Contractor Throws Packages - Comments (Count)
This Subsidy for China is Dumb as a Post - Comments (Count)
Fort Wayne man marks 50 years as a postal worker - Comments (Count)
Postal worker pistol whipped at rural Mississippi Post Office - Comments (Count)
Brinson postal carrier retires after nearly four decades - Comments (Count)
87-year-old crashes car into Kalama Post Office - Comments (Count)
Centerville postal worker receives gold customer service award - Comments (Count)
Fifteen arrested in El Paso mail-theft ring - Comments (Count)
Amazon is getting closer to its own delivery service - Comments (Count)
Post Office supervisor pleads guilty in theft of marijuana from mailed packages - Comments (Count)
Car Plows Into Honeoye Post Office - Comments (Count)
If Built Today, USPS Would Look Nothing Like Itself - Comments (Count)
How to rent a piece of history: JLL's USPS Properties for Lease - Comments (Count)
Charles Town postal carrier achieves game show dream - Comments (Count)
Postal Views Podcast #79 (USPS Dark Leadership) - Comments (Count)
Mailbox 'fishing' in Queens a growing problem, says Rep. - Comments (Count)
Postal Retirement Q&A February 2018 by Roseanne Jefferson - Comments (Count)
USPS Debuts New Stamps in Early 2018 - Comments (Count)
Two male turkeys harassing Ohio postal carriers euthanized - Comments (Count)
Neighborhood shut down after suspicious device found in mailbox - Comments (Count)
UPS worker does 'chicken dance' where USPS worker threw package - Comments (Count)
Former postal worker used COA cards to steal mail - Comments (Count)
Vigil honors murdered Albuquerque mail carrier - Comments (Count)
People just figured out the USPS logo is an eagle - Comments (Count)
St. Louis: A dozen postal employees say they were bullied at work, all from different stations - Comments (Count)
Bezos adds billions to his fortune as Amazon reports profits surge - Comments (Count)
Audiobook Reviews February 2018 by Jonathan Lowe - Comments (Count)
30-year postal veteran turned congresswoman plays Candy Crush during State of the Union - Comments (Count)
Man pleads guilty to trying to burn postal truck in Milford - Comments (Count)
Postal worker kidnapped at gunpoint in West Chester - Comments (Count)
String of Postal Truck Break-Ins in the Bay Area Continue - Comments (Count)
Caught on camera: USPS driver throws package out the window - Comments (Count)
APWU Reaches $49 Million Dollar Settlement With USPS on POStPlan Violations
2.24.2018 - The APWU reports: "The dispute was initiated after the Postal Service admittedly failed to honor their agreement that after December 22, 2014, the 'POStPlan' Remotely-Managed Post Offices (RMPOs) open 4 or 6 hours a day would be staffed with bargaining unit clerks, and Level 18 offices would be staffed with career employees. Long after the agreement, Postmaster Reliefs (PMRs) were still working in 4 or 6 hour RMPOs across the country and Level 18 offices reported still using PSEs instead of career employees." - Comments (Count)
Amazon's Rise Has Pushed Mail Clerks and Carriers to the Breaking Point
2.21.2018 - The Nation reports: "Amazon was able to make a deal to ship its packages through USPS at cut-rate prices, because the company preemptively sorts and labels packages by postal route. But transporting and distributing these packages still takes clerks much longer than sorting letters, which can be fed through a machine. If the clerks are delayed, the station's carriers will be delayed in starting routes, which are already longer than ever thanks to the packages filling up their satchels and trucks. Many won't deliver their final box until well after the sun has set." - Comments (Count)
Trump Suggests USPS Cut Retirement, Health Benefits in $80B Savings Package
2.15.2018 - GovExec reports: "Trump's proposals largely mirrored those submitted in his last budget, as well as legislation that has been introduced in Congress. While lawmakers have sought to maintain delivery standards, however, Trump would allow USPS to "reduce mail delivery frequency from six days to five days where there is a business case for doing so." That proposal would likely face pushback in Congress, especially from lawmakers representing rural areas, and even postal management has dropped its proposal to eliminate mail delivery on Saturdays." - Linn's: Budget Proposes Numerous USPS Changes - NALC: Budget Targets Letter Carriers and Their Families - APWU: 2019 Budget Continues Attacks on Postal and Federal Workers - Comments (Count)
USPS Reports First Quarter 2018 Results
2.09.2018 - USPS reports: "Net loss for the first quarter totaled $540 million, compared to net income of $1.4 billion, for the same period last year. In the first quarter 2018, package volumes grew by 111 million pieces, or approximately 7%, while mail volumes declined by approximately 2.0 billion pieces, or approximately 5%, continuing a multi-year trend of increasing package volume and declining letter volumes." - NALC Statement - CAGW: Losses Show Continued Distress - Comments (Count)


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