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January 2017
PMG and CFO Will Hold Media Call on First Quarter Financial Results on Feb. 9 - Comments (Count)
North Falmouth Post Office Celebrates 200 Years of Service - Comments (Count)
Roanoke: January mailbag is full of complaints - about mail - Comments (Count)
St. Louis: Ditched mail found in abandoned building - Comments (Count)
Inspectors investigating thefts from blue USPS mailboxes south of Denver - Comments (Count)
Man overcomes stroke, keeps walking route - Comments (Count)
Slow mail delivery riles Norton residents - Comments (Count)
Rural carrier recovers after crash - Comments (Count)
Rural carrier reports large scale mail theft incident in Sunny Valley area - Comments (Count)
Memphis: Mail carrier assaulted, robbed while on the job - Comments (Count)
Meet the Priority Mail Precious Cargo Box - Comments (Count)
FedEx is backing driver who saved American flag from burning - Comments (Count)
Vehicle crashes into Skokie post office - Comments (Count)
FEEL GOOD FRIDAY: We surprise over 60 mail carriers with breakfast - Comments (Count)
USPS responds to 'swamp draining' blog - Comments (Count)
USPS Could Tackle Food Insecurity - Comments (Count)
White House Throws Weight Behind Cutting Feds' Retirement, Health Benefits - Comments (Count)
Rolando: A national treasure: The U.S. Postal Service - Comments (Count)
Interactions with nudist leads postal carrier to make complaint - Comments (Count)
Postal worker assaulted, robbed of mail by 2 men in Georgetown neighborhood in D.C. - Comments (Count)
Dillon, Silverthorne post offices see major delays due to staffing shortage, high mail volumes - Comments (Count)
Industry Groups Seek Changes to Postal Regulatory Commission Rate Making Process - Comments (Count)
Driver Leaves Hole in Granite Falls Post Office Wall - Comments (Count)
USPS mulls consolidating Lihue operations - Comments (Count)
Montana bill would allow firearms on post office property - Comments (Count)
Postal worker accused of stealing lingerie, other items from the mail - Comments (Count)
NALC on Twitter: "...freeze should not extend to USPS... [we're] working to ensure that it does not." - Comments (Count)
Postal worker threatens boss with steak knife, police say - Comments (Count)
Day after federal hiring freeze announcement: Quasi-independent USPS continues hiring - Comments (Count)
Has the US federal workforce really dramatically increased? - Comments (Count)
Postal worker: Dog didn't just bite me, he attacked me - Comments (Count)
USPS ET alleges harassment, discrimination because of condition - Comments (Count)
Federal Hiring Freeze Update: No Exception for USPS? (PDF) - Comments (Count)
Wyoming letter carrier gets year in prison for stealing from the mail - Comments (Count)
Clearwater postal clerk smears bananas on cars at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate - Comments (Count)
So far, no indication Trump's federal hiring freeze applies to USPS - Comments (Count)
Bee Springs Post Office Robbed at Gunpoint - Comments (Count)
8-year-old struck by postal van in Ann Arbor on Sunday evening - Comments (Count)
USPS Exceeded Holiday-Shopping Delivery Projection - Comments (Count)
Woman starts petition asking USPS to make changes to decrease mail theft - Comments (Count)
Farley post office's abandoned quarters explored in new exhibition - Comments (Count)
Townhall: Postal Service Should Not Be Left Out of Swamp Draining - Comments (Count)
Mail theft on the rise in all of Southern California - Comments (Count)
Wreck sends SUV into side of downtown Waco post office - Comments (Count)
Feds to play hardball with mail thieves - Comments (Count)
Residents without mail for months due to broken mailboxes - Comments (Count)
Crescent City Post Office Supervisor Sentenced to Six Years for Stealing Pain Medication - Comments (Count)
Parcels pick up: Bemidji Post Office sees increased workload - Comments (Count)
Brexit means less junk mail for Royal Mail - Comments (Count)
Virginia Beach Residents Concerned About Mail Mess - Comments (Count)
Nonprofit Mailers Seek More Data From USPS - Comments (Count)
Dayton police: 2 juveniles rob letter carrier of $7.75 at gunpoint - Comments (Count)
USPS carrier knocks down mailbox, customer wants answers - Comments (Count)
Beloved Northbrook Mail Carrier Dies on Job - Comments (Count)
Mail Carrier Attacked in Front of Burglarized Home in Covina - Comments (Count)
City and county could pay $80,000 over postal worker's arrest - Comments (Count)
Postal Service audit finds customer service not adversely affected after Roanoke's partial consolidation - Comments (Count)
Lance Armstrong Gets Old USPS Band Back Together for Mountain Bike Race - Comments (Count)
Former Greenville, SC postmaster pleads guilty to Tyler Perry movie rights fraud - Comments (Count)
Note says Arkansas post office closed for Robert E. Lee - Comments (Count)
Stamp prices going up Sunday - Comments (Count)
East Tennessee postal worker who hid piles of mail in home gets probation - Comments (Count)
Gang ambushes mail carrier delivering letters in Bronx, breaks nose - Comments (Count)
US Postal Inspector Hiring 30+ Specialists with Bitcoin Experience - Comments (Count)
Trump eyes 20 percent slash of federal workers - Comments (Count)
Post office mural rooted in Elgin, art history - Comments (Count)
UK: Life as a Post Office employee: Shocked, scared, crying, and in total fear for their future - Comments (Count)
OPM Disability Retirements: The Silence Erupting in the Room - Comments (Count)
Mail Thieves Strike Oakley Neighborhood - Comments (Count)
Berkeley Loses a Round in Fight Over Downtown Post Office - Comments (Count)
PRC Issues Annual Report to the President and Congress (PDF) - Comments (Count)
USPS to close some DC post offices and suspend delivery for inauguration - Comments (Count)
Communities and Postal Workers United Winter 2017 Newsletter (PDF) - Comments (Count)
Mail carriers struggle with snow in Bend - Comments (Count)
Fort Worth police assist postal inspector in vehicle pursuit of mail thieves - Comments (Count)
Change in Alaska bypass mail staging area has left store shelves emptier than ever in Quinhagak - Comments (Count)
Postal Service's appointed rounds in Portland area are icy and dicey these days - Comments (Count)
Suit claims Richmond Main Post Office altered timesheets to keep costs down - Comments (Count)
They went fishing for mail, police say. Now they've been caught - Comments (Count)
Suspended Pittsburgh postmaster found guilty of obstructing law, other charges  |  Jury returns mixed verdict - Comments (Count)
An inside look at what winter is like for mail carriers - Comments (Count)
Postal worker assaulted delivering mail in Johnson City - Comments (Count)
FedEx moves into Walgreens stores - Comments (Count)
Bottle bomb in mailbox (mail carrier finds out about it 8 days later by news story in local paper) - Comments (Count)
Tampa Bay postal worker guilty of stealing $2 million in Social Security checks - Comments (Count)
Bakersfield residents frustrated by continued mail thefts - Comments (Count)
Two Philadelphia carriers accused of using their mail routes to distribute large quantities of marijuana - Comments (Count)
Postal worker saves Cobb man who slipped on ice - Comments (Count)
Mail carrier in Macomb Twp. accused of stealing nearly $70,000 in checks - Comments (Count)
NYC postal worker admits to pilfering $1,200 a week for four years from mail - Comments (Count)
Postal workers fight ice, snow to deliver mail in storm - Comments (Count)
At least 12 delivery truck robberies reported in Chicago in 6 weeks - Comments (Count)
Man claims postal truck hit him, knocked him unconscious while on his bicycle - Comments (Count)
Armed Robberies of Delivery Drivers a Growing Problem in Chicago - Comments (Count)
The FSS: A Hopeless Case  |  Will Publishers Pay for the USPS's FSS Fiasco? - Comments (Count)
Mail carrier fainted when arrested, taken for evaluation - Comments (Count)
Pittsburgh postmaster denies allegations at trial - Comments (Count)
Is your mail late? USPS struggling to drive in this snow - Comments (Count)
Vandals set San Benito postal mailbox on fire - Comments (Count)
How postal workers removed the Staples - Comments (Count)
New Target in Trump Era: Postal Reform  |  Beware: Chaffetz Committee Plans Broad Agenda Affecting Federal Employees - Comments (Count)
Chicago: USPS truck burglarized in Englewood - Comments (Count)
Designing a First Class Meal - Comments (Count)
Neighborhood frustrated by recurring mail mix-ups - Comments (Count)
Woman Says Postal Worker Killed Her Dog With Her Prescription Pills - Comments (Count)
Mysterious box with child's car seat locks down post office - Comments (Count)
Would Removing Job Security Improve the USPS? - Comments (Count)
The Mailman Has Won: USPS Plans Delivery Truck, Drone Launcher - Comments (Count)
Letter returned to Denver woman 70 years after she mailed it - Comments (Count)
Alamosa: Delivering Mail at Minus 20 - Comments (Count)
No Injuries in Gerald Post Office Crash - Comments (Count)
Postal Retirement Q&A January 2017 by Roseanne Jefferson - Comments (Count)
Fellow employees testify at trial for suspended Pittsburgh postmaster - Comments (Count)
Mailman builds a ramp so an old dog can still greet him - Comments (Count)
Mail delivery issues hitting Columbus neighborhood - Comments (Count)
USPS at CES? Why the national mail carrier is at the world's biggest tech expo - Comments (Count)
Postal Inspectors Hit the Streets to Help Carriers - Comments (Count)
Runaway dogs lead to mysterious investigation involving mailman in NJ - Comments (Count)
Amazon pushes the envelope with patent for underground delivery system - Comments (Count)
USPS Announces Another 14 Stamps for 2017 - Comments (Count)
Vehicle crashes into post office - again! - Comments (Count)
Chicago: Second Mail Carrier Robbed at Gunpoint in Two Days - Comments (Count)
Injured postal worker who worked as personal trainer faces five years - Comments (Count)
Postal supervisor used position to illegally import steroids - Comments (Count)
Just do it! Carrier not bothered by cold temps - Comments (Count)
Trial for Pittsburgh Postmaster to Begin - Comments (Count)
Rolando: Postal Service business is up, deficit is all politics - Comments (Count)
Ferguson retires after 23 years as USPS clerk in Atmore - Comments (Count)
Postal Views Podcast #55 (Get a Good Flashlight) - Comments (Count)
Cedar Park neighborhood mailboxes broken into 3 times in 3 months - Comments (Count)
Postal carrier walks twelve miles a day - Comments (Count)
David Roth hangs up mailbag after 34 years - Comments (Count)
Postal truck driver robbed in south Chicago - Comments (Count)
Wake Forest mail carrier talks about saving packages from her burning truck - Comments (Count)
Local Postal Legend Retires - Comments (Count)
Price of Forever Stamps to Increase This Month - Comments (Count)
USPS Expands Use of SV Scanners for Better Tracking - Comments (Count)
Calvert retires after 40 years with the Postal Service - Comments (Count)
How a mail-order opioid operation took root on the high plains of Texas - Comments (Count)
Mail thieves hit northeast Bend - Comments (Count)
Letter carrier seriously hurt when mail truck is rear-ended - Comments (Count)
Mail carrier tries to save packages from being stolen - Comments (Count)
Audiobook Reviews January 2017 by Jonathan Lowe - Comments (Count)
Postal Service Pushes Back Against Trump Hiring Freeze
1.25.2017 - reports: "In a brief statement Jan. 25, Postal Service spokesman David Partenheimer told Linn's: "In view of our independent status, past Executive Orders imposing hiring freezes on Executive Departments and Agencies have not applied to the Postal Service. We have reached out to the Administration to discuss this matter." - NALC tells members Trump freeze shouldn't affect CCA conversions - NAPS Reaches Out to USPS HQ for Info - Comments (Count)
Chaffetz: Postal reform bill needed to reform 'unsustainable' trajectory
1.26.2017 - Federal News Radio reports: "Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman, told lawmakers Tuesday at a goal-setting organizational meeting that last year's efforts served as a "good starting point" for getting a postal reform bill on President Donald Trump's desk within the next two years." - Comments (Count)
Forever Stamps Will Cost More Starting Sunday
1.22.2017 - USA Today reports: "The last increase came in January 2014 when it went from 47 cents to 49 cents. Then last April, the Postal Regulatory Commission ordered the USPS to drop its prices for the first time in 97 years. Postmaster General Megan Brennan protested, saying, "given our precarious financial condition and ongoing business needs, the price reduction required by the PRC exacerbates our losses." So now the price is going back up again on January 22nd. Postcards, letters mailed to other countries and heavier letters aren't affected." - Comments (Count)
USPS to End Service at Staples
1.05.2017 - Bloomberg reports: "Following union-backed boycotts and an adverse labor board ruling, the United States Postal Service has agreed to curb a controversial arrangement allowing private employees to provide its services at Staples Inc. stores. USPS spokeswoman Darlene Casey told Bloomberg that the Postal Service would end its relationship with Staples in order to comply with a National Labor Relations Board judge's ruling." - APWU Led the Charge - Comments (Count)


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