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June 2017
Ex-South Texas Postal Worker Gets Prison for Taking Bribes - Comments (Count)
Zip Code Day at the Carrier Mills Post Office - Comments (Count)
Newly constructed subdivisions being forced to have cluster mailboxes - Comments (Count)
Special Delivery! USPS Has Job Openings All Throughout the Country - Comments (Count)
Man runs car into Kettering Post Office - Comments (Count)
Postal Service plans changes at Scarborough Distribution Center - Comments (Count)
Louisville postal worker celebrates 50 years on the job - Comments (Count)
Edgewater Homes to get new cluster boxes after long dispute with postal service - Comments (Count)
Four Burned at Florence USPS Facility After Chemical Exposure - Comments (Count)
USPS Truck Catches Fire During Delivery in Rockland - Comments (Count)
UPS will freeze pensions for thousands of non-union employees - Comments (Count)
Barber claims USPS driver stole package meant for his mom and deceased sister - Comments (Count)
USPS trying to reopen Wickhaven post office - Comments (Count)
New postmaster proud to serve Ashland - Comments (Count)
Postal worker aids Norwich Police in burglary suspect apprehension - Comments (Count)
Mail truck that overturned struck by another vehicle - Comments (Count)
Hayward residents furious after string of mail thefts caught on camera - Comments (Count)
Going postal: Brooklyn mail depot on residential street drives residents crazy - Comments (Count)
Myanmar transforms post boxes into money-making billboards - Comments (Count)
Rural post office closure reflects larger trend - Comments (Count)
How the remaining upright Jenny panes were distributed - Comments (Count)
New Australia Post chief to get half the pay of predecessor - Comments (Count)
Appeal dismissed, Grand Island's main post office to close next year - Comments (Count)
NALC Ballots Arriving in Mailboxes - Comments (Count)
No mail for Shadle neighborhood after safety concern - Comments (Count)
Man rips keys from USPS worker's neck in Manhattan - Comments (Count)
Colorado postman's 60-year tenure on a long, rural route filled with wonder - Comments (Count)
Body of missing postal worker found in vehicle pulled from lake - Comments (Count)
Time for Moisture-Wicking Shirts for Postal Uniforms - Comments (Count)
Mailbox melts in Arizona due to extreme heat - Comments (Count)
Raccoons in mobile home mail room stop mail delivery - Comments (Count)
Four Grayson USPS employees retire - Comments (Count)
USPS worker accused of selling pot on the job - Comments (Count)
Meyers Chuck, AK, 99903 - Comments (Count)
The mailman still delivers regardless of rain, sleet or summer heat - Comments (Count)
David Mennillo to hang up mailbag after 40 years - Comments (Count)
Video catches mail thieves in the act - Comments (Count)
Scam Prompts Postal Service to Make Mailbox Changes in Yonkers - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Audit Report: Shortpaid PC Postage Parcels (PDF) - Comments (Count)
Amazon envisions delivery drone beehives in every city - Comments (Count)
Another Upright Jenny Pane Found - Comments (Count)
Montebello mail carrier honored for 1 million miles of accident-free driving - Comments (Count)
Mail disappears from postman's truck, mystery ensues - Comments (Count)
NPMHU: Unions Prevail in National Level Decision on Voting Rights - Comments (Count)
Eleven-year-old boy saves sick USPS carrier - Comments (Count)
APWU and Mail Handlers Union Send Message to PMG Brennan Denouncing "Wholesale and Massive Job Cuts" - Comments (Count)
Scam artists using USPS to steal identities - Comments (Count)
Dunellen carriers appearing at post offices nationwide - Comments (Count)
Townhall: Postal Service Wants Independence Without Responsibility Again - Comments (Count)
Postal worker brings smiles to Sealy - Comments (Count)
Cold War Plan had the Post Office Registering the Dead - Comments (Count)
Mail Truck Burglarized in Riverside Heights - Comments (Count)
Mailman charged with theft in Ocean City - Comments (Count)
Beloved postal clerk puts final stamp on career - Comments (Count)
Postal carrier charged with dumping two weeks of mail down D.C. storm drain - Comments (Count)
Amazon will let customers try on clothes before buying  |  Prime Wardrobe - Comments (Count)
New post office kiosks provide proof of shipping - Comments (Count)
Postal carrier robbed in New Orleans - Comments (Count)
Attention holiday shoppers: UPS to add delivery surcharges - Comments (Count)
Amazon is buying more than Whole Foods - it's getting warehouses and showrooms - Comments (Count)
Police to canvas Maryland neighborhood seeking information on 2013 death of letter carrier - Comments (Count)
Angry Delivery: Mail Carrier Caught on Camera Cursing, Throwing Package - Comments (Count)
Rio Nido Post Office closure surprises longtime customers - Comments (Count)
Man upset over late mail accused of threatening postal workers - Comments (Count)
Florida man sets mousetrap to catch mail-stealing neighbors, snags mail-leaving carrier instead - Comments (Count)
Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods seen as a defensive measure against USPS - Comments (Count)
High waters flood Millcreek Township post office - Comments (Count)
31-Member Federal-Postal Coalition Working to Block Proposed Cuts - Comments (Count)
Vestal postal workers honored for safe driving - Comments (Count)
Be Careful, Companies Offering to Buy Your Federal Annuity - Comments (Count)
Mailbox-shaped post office in Taiwan becomes tourist draw - Comments (Count)
Post office in Los Angeles still has 300 Jenny Invert panes - Comments (Count)
The fragile future of Canada Post is now in Amazon's hands - Comments (Count)
With Whole Foods, Amazon is Getting 460 Stores It Can Turn Into Warehouses and Showrooms - Comments (Count)
Residents vow to resist plan to close Richmond main post office - Comments (Count)
Vehicle crashes into Hilton Head Island post office - Comments (Count)
Postal customers, don't be fooled by new asphalt on parking lot - Comments (Count)
Conquering the last mile: Walmart, Amazon embrace the unusual - Comments (Count)
FBI Investigating Suspicious Letters With Powder in Atlanta Area - Comments (Count)
USPS Denies J.C. Penney CEO Remarks - Comments (Count)
Former postal worker sentenced for Everett home invasion robbery - Comments (Count)
Gamechanger: Amazon to Buy Whole Foods in $13.7 Billion Deal - Comments (Count)
When the last Railway Mail Service delivered - Comments (Count)
Ford Teams With German Postal Service to Develop Electric Vans - Comments (Count)
Postal Clerk Set to Retire After 36 Years - Comments (Count)
Aggressive mail thefts pushing more people to private or P.O. boxes - Comments (Count)
Sprint Says Special Thanks 6/17 (Special Deals for USPS Employees) - Comments (Count)
San Francisco UPS gunman had complained about overtime - Comments (Count)
USPS vehicle caught parking inside handicap space - Comments (Count)
PMG Brennan Responds to Politico: The Postal Service is Still a Great Innovator - Comments (Count)
J.C. Penney CEO: USPS is Our Biggest Challenge for E-commerce - Comments (Count)
UPS employee opens fire at San Francisco facility, killing three fellow workers and then himself - Comments (Count)
Postal Reform Bill Projected to Lower FEHB Premiums - Comments (Count)
Insurance Claim Denied for $1,000 Spinning Wheel Lost in the Mail - Comments (Count)
Mailers Weigh in On USPS - Comments (Count)
Veteran can't get packages because intercom system is broken - Comments (Count)
Amherst mailman who inspired pizza, pastry flavors to retire - Comments (Count)
Wal-Mart's Latest Delivery Idea is So Crazy it Just Might Work - Comments (Count)
Feds: Insurance firm mailed a million pieces of mail without paying for them - Comments (Count)
Residents in Oceanway neighborhood having issues getting packages from USPS - Comments (Count)
Russian flag mysteriously replaces American flag at Port Washington Post Office - Comments (Count)
Opposition grows to planned Richmond post office closure - Comments (Count)
Mail carrier loves her job, with one big snarling exception - Comments (Count)
Dogs attack local mailman - Comments (Count)
Former Saipan USPS employee in mail-theft case pleads not guilty - Comments (Count)
Post Office provides valuable service - Fredric Rolando - Comments (Count)
Son, funeral home, USPS continue search for mother's cremated remains - Comments (Count)
Ravenna post office an architectural lion - Comments (Count)
I was a victim of the low-tech mailbox scam - Comments (Count)
Police bust 26-year-old man with large amount of stolen mail - Comments (Count)
Florida mailman helps rescue veteran, dogs from house fire - Comments (Count)
Postal workers warn of potential job cuts, service impacts in Baltimore - Comments (Count)
Postal worker killed in Marshalltown crash identified - Comments (Count)
Dog forces way out of house, bites postal carrier - Comments (Count)
Postal Service loses cremated remains of Indiana woman - Comments (Count)
'Voice Stamp': experimental USPS project could spell the demise of stamps - Comments (Count)
Postal worker tackles phone thief on CTA, holds him for police - Comments (Count)
USPS Employee Killed in Iowa Crash | Authorities Investigating Crash - Comments (Count)
USPS International Mailers Face Radical Changes in 2018 - Comments (Count)
Mail mix-up ends with one man chasing neighbor with a baseball bat - Comments (Count)
Postal Service warns Illinois community to control dogs - Comments (Count)
Buffalo's first female postmaster to focus on customer service - Comments (Count)
USPS suspends service to multiple West Toledo residents due to suspicious activity - Comments (Count)
Postal Views "Appointed Rounds" 5 Minute Dub Podcast - Comments (Count)
How the delivery economy is disrupting Philadelphia's street grid - Comments (Count)
The lost genius of the Post Office - Comments (Count)
Australia Post tests innovative three-wheeled electric vehicle - Comments (Count)
Walmart Unveils Automated Pickup Kiosk to Compete With Amazon - Comments (Count)
USPS told injured carrier to return donations, he said - Comments (Count)
Amazon Lowers Prime Membership Rate for Low-Income Customers - Comments (Count)
Decorate mailbox, enjoy post office fame - Comments (Count)
Judge criticizes Postal Service job screening process after sentencing woman to prison - Comments (Count)
Postal Retirement Q&A June 2017 by Roseanne Jefferson - Comments (Count)
Charges for postal worker accused of threatening boss with knife - Comments (Count)
Jacksonville neighbors say postal carrier tossed package - Comments (Count)
Three USPS employees in Akron accused of stealing packages, selling drugs - Comments (Count)
'Unruly customers' force Bronx postal station closure - Comments (Count)
Canada: Postal workers union calls for formal review of mail theft at community boxes - Comments (Count)
PHOTO: Letter Carrier Collects Mail in 1947 - Comments (Count)
Historic post office in Wrightsville, Georgia closes for emergency suspension - Comments (Count)
Proposed Retirement Benefit Cuts Could Hurt TSP Contribution Levels - Comments (Count)
Canada: Postal workers take campaign for return of home mail delivery to northeast Calgary - Comments (Count)
Postal Views Podcast #65 (The Delivery Business) - Comments (Count)
Man accused of stealing postal truck in Waterbury - Comments (Count)
Longtime employees leave their stamps on post offices - Comments (Count)
Wrightsville Post Office Closes Indefinitely - Comments (Count)
Statesboro's 'Million mile' carrier - Comments (Count)
Postal Service investigating after video shows mail carrier kicking packages up Utah driveway - Comments (Count)
Protective bird blocks Pleasant Prairie family's mail delivery - Comments (Count)
Captured on camera: Bold thieves steal boxes of mail from postal truck - Comments (Count) granted patent to put parachutes inside shipping labels - Comments (Count)
Postal worker arrested amid allegations of feeding nail-laced meatballs to dog - Comments (Count)
Walmart is asking employees to deliver packages on their way home from work - Comments (Count)
Hillsboro Post Office among top ten in nation for workplace morale - Comments (Count)
Mailers' Groups Blast NALC Deal - Comments (Count)
Truck Slams Into Lanett Post Office - Comments (Count)
Mail truck crashes into power pole, knocks out power to 1,300 homes - Comments (Count)
Audiobook Reviews June 2017 by Jonathan Lowe - Comments (Count)
Lee letter carrier makes last deliveries - Comments (Count)
Some skeptical of IBM offer to mail test letters for money, but experts say it's legit - Comments (Count)
Postal worker's purse stolen during mail truck break-in - Comments (Count)
Police: Man, disgruntled about delivery, stole items from mail truck - Comments (Count)
Woman catches USPS driver flinging package at her Northville home - Comments (Count)
One-term Trump? Hands off federal benefits! - Comments (Count)
Another Postal Reform Effort Fades Away
6.28.2017 - Linn's Stamp News reports: "It's hardly a surprise to many in Washington's postal community, but the lawmaker who crafted the House's bipartisan postal legislation says his bill appears dead. That is what departed House Oversight chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, told The Hill newspaper shortly before his resignation from Congress became effective June 30." - Comments (Count)
APWU Geared Up to Fight Back Against USPS Reductions in Service and Jobs
6.17.2017 - The APWU reports: "Throughout the country, the Postal Service has launched an all-out assault on our jobs and is blatantly violating the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) in their staffing of post offices. The USPS is reducing service to the community and disrupting the lives of postal workers by reducing duty assignments (reversions and abolishments) and issuing excessing notices potentially affecting hundreds of post offices and thousands of employees." - Comments (Count)
APWU Wins National Level Arbitration Award On POStPlan MOU
6.08.2017 - The APWU reports: "Arbitrator Goldberg issued an award in a national-level case over what remedy was due for the Postal Service's failure to staff 'POStPlan' offices following an original award on September 5, 2014 and a MOU negotiated afterward. Arbitrator Goldberg held that the Postal Service must make whole all postal employees in the Clerk Craft bargaining unit who were denied craft work as a result of the USPS' failure to follow the POStPlan MOU." - Comments (Count)
Are Postal Service retiree obligations too big to move?
6.05.2017 - Federal Times reports: "The magnitude of the U.S. Postal Service's unfunded liabilities for its retiree pensions and health benefits imperils the agency and its workforce. Now a Congressional proposal seeks to brighten the agency's future finances - by shifting these liabilities onto federal taxpayers through the Medicare system." - Comments (Count)

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