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MAD TV Postal Skit Controversy
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Despite vehement protests from USPS brass and the cancellation of $200,000 worth of USPS ads that were to run on Fox, MAD TV aired the controversial segment that featured three postal workers arguing over who had the best reason to go on a killing spree. In the end, however, no one was shot and the three would be mass murderers turned their guns on an unfortunate post office robber and were hailed as heroes. Following are excerpts from the skit:
Postal Clerk: "We have the following kinds of stamps: love, wildflowers, vintage planes, songbirds, famous gays, and cuts of meat."

Customer: "O.K., give me the negro leaders stamp..."

Postal Clerk: "...We only have them during black history month, and this is white history month."

Postal Customer: "I'm a bowling ball dealer... I do all my work on eBay. Computers make my job so easy."

Postal Clerk: "Aren't you precious."


Postal Worker: "I've been killing animals for quite some time and I just thought it was better to move up to bigger prey."
Postal Clerk on Right: "I hate to pull rank on you guys, but I have seniority here and this killing spree is mine."
In the end, the postal workers turn their guns on a robber who stumbles into the planned killing spree. They capture the crook and are hailed as heroes. The caption to the newspaper photo reads "Government Makes Firearms Mandatory For All Post Office Employees."


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