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March 2017
Rural postal carrier retires after 27 years - Comments (Count)
Postal worker builds ramp for elderly dog on his Colorado mail route - Comments (Count)
USPS mail carrier robbed in Fort Lauderdale; 2 at large - Comments (Count)
A Million Miles, Accident Free - Comments (Count)
Senator Wants USPS to Allow Postal Inspectors to Take Their Service Guns Home With Them - Comments (Count)
Postal worker receives several threatening letters - Comments (Count)
Postal carrier's caring action earns commendation - Comments (Count)
Three trailers full of parcels go up in flames in Jersey City - Comments (Count)
Two charged in large mail theft investigation in Kansas City - Comments (Count)
Ozark Post Office Damaged After One-Vehicle Accident - Comments (Count)
Mailing Industry Leaders Hit Capitol Hill Urging Support for Postal Reform - Comments (Count)
Fix proposed for Durham Post Office mural some see as offensive - Comments (Count)
Amazon's Bezos Is Now The World's Second Richest Person - Comments (Count)
Man visits all 312 Montana post offices - Comments (Count)
Clarks Summit postal carrier Anthony Fiore recognized as 'Million Mile Man' - Comments (Count)
After 3rd DWI arrest, some ask why Metairie mailman was still delivering letters - Comments (Count)
Stone Oak Area Plagued With Mail Theft - Comments (Count)
Doctors in North Texas wrote 18,000 prescriptions to postal employees for $28,000 pain cream - Comments (Count)
PRC Report Reveals Progress and Problems With Rate and Fee Compliance and Service Performance - Comments (Count)
NJ postal worker stole co-workers' identities - Comments (Count)
Heated moments over future of Youngstown post office - Comments (Count)
Copperas Cove man arrested for post office box break-ins - Comments (Count)
Metairie mailman arrested, again accused of delivering mail while intoxicated - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Internal Controls Over Single Drawer Accountability at (Redacted) Post Office (PDF) - Comments (Count)
Change of address coming for tiny South Jersey post office - Comments (Count)
Brazilian post office looking to fire up to 25,000 workers - Comments (Count)
New USPS Service Gives You a Peek Into Your Mailbox Before You Get Home - Comments (Count)
Flyer denied by Postal Service going into papers - Comments (Count)
Mail handler killed running left over mail to Charlotte  |  Drunk driver caused crash - Comments (Count)
Amazon gives first sneak peek of its U.S. drone delivery service  |  Amazon Empire - Comments (Count)
NALC: Obamacare Repeal Fails - Comments (Count)
Houston: Five post offices saved, but one still on the chopping block - Comments (Count)
Postal Views Podcast #61 (USPS Deliver This) - Comments (Count)
Pickup truck crashes into Titusville post office - Comments (Count)
USPS Pushing PRC to Lift 10-Year Cap on Stamp Price Increases - Comments (Count)
Sears has 'substantial doubt' it can survive in face of growing online competition - Comments (Count)
Even Germany's Post Office is Building an Electric Car - Comments (Count)
Homeowner takes measures to prevent mailbox break-ins - Comments (Count)
Neighbor disgruntled that nearby home gets mail delivery, but they don't - Comments (Count)
Thief breaks into more than 20 PO boxes at Copperas Cove post office - Comments (Count)
2 stabbed to death outside Stockton post office - Comments (Count)
Remembering Mike Smith, postal worker and labor stalwart - Comments (Count)
Transport companies and carriers lead USPS suppliers list  |  List (PDF) - Comments (Count)
Dutiful - and very stubborn - Charlotte postman exposes mail order marijuana business - Comments (Count)
Colden couple admit to $1.2 million fraud against VA, Postal Service - Comments (Count)
Larchmont: Where's the mail? - Comments (Count)
Rumors swirl about Jackson's downtown post office - Comments (Count)
Marijuana by Mail: Surge in Drug Deals Conducted Through USPS - Comments (Count)
Bell and Howell Introduces List of Top Direct Mail Service Providers - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: High-speed pursuit of Fort Worth mail thieves - Comments (Count)
The Bronx: Post office customers fed up with 2 hour waits - Comments (Count)
Terminating employees with extensive FMLA and non-FMLA absences - Comments (Count)
The coconuts are in the mail: Citizens challenge proposal to close the Lihue Post Office - Comments (Count)
The cackle is leaving: Marj Hendershot retiring from USPS - Comments (Count)
Vehicle drives through front of Jasper post office - Comments (Count)
Greece: Police find 8 parcel bombs headed to EU countries - Comments (Count)
Mystery Letter Returned After 13 Years - Comments (Count)
MPA Preps for USPS Showdown - Comments (Count)
I work at Bi-Polar Post Office - Comments (Count)
Houston's new postmaster promises to deliver - 1.2 billion pieces of mail a year - Comments (Count)
88,153 USPS Employee Records Leaked - Comments (Count)
Finnish Postal Service Diversifying to Deliver Beer, Frozen Products and Return Recyclables - Comments (Count)
Postal Views Podcast #60 (Postal Labor Movement) - Comments (Count)
Bang-Up Job: USPS Blames New Employees for Rising Motor Vehicle Accidents - Comments (Count)
Michigan man tries to burn postal truck - Comments (Count)
Part-Time Postal Worker Steals Laptop From Business - Comments (Count)
Postal worker forged doctor's notes, faked cancer to use sick time - Comments (Count)
Mail truck caught parking in handicap spot - Comments (Count)
Postal worker blocks driver who hit woman - Comments (Count)
Woman assaults postal worker in Austin - Comments (Count)
Judge Clears NYPD Detectives Accused of Beating Postal Worker - Comments (Count)
Back to work for USPS - Comments (Count)
Multiple Las Vegas neighborhoods hit with mailbox theft - Comments (Count)
Springfield mailman marries fellow postal worker - Comments (Count)
PMG: Vital need for passage of postal reform legislation - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: Delivering Cranston's mail on foot, in the storm - Comments (Count)
Postmasters, Inspectors and South Jersey Postal Customer Council Hold Seminars on Fraud Awareness - Comments (Count)
USPS delivering on jobs in Lynn - Comments (Count)
Kauai residents mailing coconuts to help save Lihue post office - Comments (Count)
Officials investigating undelivered mail dumped in Dallas creek bed - Comments (Count)
USPS closes post offices, suspends delivery during storm - Comments (Count)
Chatham County Letter Carrier Wins $1 Million Prize - Comments (Count)
Ides of March: Trump might get a blizzard of postcards soon - Comments (Count)
Report on the Future of Canada Post - Comments (Count)
Postal workers push through snow - Comments (Count)
Rogue operations at the Kansas City 'caves' shake the confidence of stamp collectors - Comments (Count)
Postal carrier suffers injury when attacked by two dogs - Comments (Count)
How 265 people are in the race to run an Antarctic post office - Comments (Count)
To avoid heart disease, walk like you're delivering mail - Comments (Count)
Napa's old post office sold for $2 million for a hotel - Comments (Count)
He used employment by the USPS for an unemployment scam - Comments (Count)
Tree crushes mail delivery truck in Brimfield Township - Comments (Count)
USPS Truck Involved in Collision - Comments (Count)
Consumers wrestle with deluge of cardboard boxes from delivery services, online shopping - Comments (Count)
APWU: Final Payment of Global Settlement Remedy Agreement in Checks This Week - Comments (Count)
Taylor ends mail delivery career after 45 years - Comments (Count)
Thieves go 'postal,' cracking the locks on several WNC drop boxes - Comments (Count)
Mail theft concerns prompt hiring of more Postal Inspectors - Comments (Count)
From 'postal' to productive: How USPS became a leading EEO claims service provider - Comments (Count)
Van smashes into Bluff Dale Post Office - Comments (Count)
Locking mailboxes to be required in Fremont - Comments (Count)
Collection Mail Box Torched in Alabama - Comments (Count)
Residents upset post office will not deliver mail to broken mailbox - Comments (Count)
Camden: USPS Supervisor Accused of Stealing More Than $15,000 - Comments (Count)
WF mailman caught on tape tossing a package - Comments (Count)
'Informed Delivery' lets USPS customers see their mail ahead of delivery - Comments (Count)
Letter carrier receives 50-year service pin - Comments (Count)
Ex-postal worker with prior felony convictions to be sentenced in Norfolk for stealing mail - Comments (Count)
Neighbors say street parking is being overtaken by mail trucks - Comments (Count)
Attention U.S. Postal Workers: Do you have a story to tell? The Postal Tales Project - Comments (Count)
Teen Arrested for Shooting at Postal Worker in SW Miami-Dade - Comments (Count)
Town breathes a sigh of relief as post office reopens - Comments (Count)
Grand Islanders speak out about post office proposal - Comments (Count)
Former postal worker pleads guilty to accepting bribe in exchange for addresses of ballot recipients - Comments (Count)
Storm Destroys Arkansas Post Office - Comments (Count)
Former customs officer gets 3 years for stealing checks from Torrance postal facility - Comments (Count)
Postal Service truck topples into ditch - Comments (Count)
USPS hiring to improve service in Watertown and Waltham - Comments (Count)
Southern California: Postal thieves becoming more brazen, USPS trucks robbed - Comments (Count)
Postal Views Podcast #59 (USPS LiteBlue Elephant) - Comments (Count)
Canada: Postal worker injured in beating - Comments (Count)
Queens man slashes 49-year-old postal worker in the face - Comments (Count)
Postlandia: Alaska by Post Office: The Crooked Runway  |  Alaska's Floating Post Office and the Town Under One Roof - Comments (Count)
How reforms could turn USPS into threat for UPS and FedEx - Comments (Count)
Mailboxes in Parker neighborhood overrun with poop, mailman threatens to stop delivering mail - Comments (Count)
How an army of postmen is turning China's rural stores into the world's largest retail network - Comments (Count)
Portrait of a postman: Nanticoke's Joe Lloyd touched lives for 40-plus years - Comments (Count)
Doug Moose retires after 32 years with Albemarle Post Office - Comments (Count)
El Paso: Police Investigate Large-Scale Mailbox Thefts - Comments (Count)
Postal Worker Wraps Up Decades-Long Career - Comments (Count)
Polk County Mailman Charged With Bestiality With Dog on Route - Comments (Count)
Postal Views Podcast #58 (USPS This PODS For You) - Comments (Count)
Postal Retirement Q&A March 2017 by Roseanne Jefferson - Comments (Count)
Minnesota postmaster faked work injuries, collected $275K while off the job - Comments (Count)
Crisis in the Mail: Fixing a Broken International Package System - Comments (Count)
Lance Armstrong Hit With Additional Postage for Package - Comments (Count)
Video captures mail carrier running over trash bins - Comments (Count)
Woman disappears on way to Detroit post office - Comments (Count)
Report: Postal carrier shot at in Southwest Miami-Dade - Comments (Count)
Missing packages cause headaches for Tomball residents - Comments (Count)
Mailbox thefts at apartment complex done by neighbors - Comments (Count)
The Postal Museum is easy to overlook but definitely delivers - Comments (Count)
Getting the Mail to Your Home is Way More Complex Than You Might Think - Comments (Count)
Audiobook Reviews March 2017 by Jonathan Lowe - Comments (Count)
USPS Hopes New Mailboxes Will Prevent 'Fishing' in Upper Manhattan - Comments (Count)
Surveillance camera catches USPS worker dropping and kicking package - Comments (Count)
Clawson families say goodbye as mail carrier walks route for the last time - Comments (Count)
Debt-plagued USPS eyes bipartisan bill to solve woes - Comments (Count)
Woman battles with Postal Service after mail truck hits her car - Comments (Count)
Postal problems in Gretna have neighbors delivering mail to each other - Comments (Count)
House Panel Approves Postal Service Finances Legislation
3.17.2017 - The Hill reports: "The bill would automatically enroll eligible USPS retirees in Medicare, make reforms to the Postal Service's governance, bolster the use of centralized delivery, allow the USPS to increase postal rates by 1 cent for a first-class stamp and to provide non-postal services to state and local governments." - APWU: Postal Reform Act Moves Forward - Postal Service Reform Act Takes Another Step Forward in House - Comments (Count)
Trouble at the Kansas Stamp Cave
3.02.2017 - Linn's Stamp News Reports: "The way United States postal inspectors are telling it, Khalid M. Hussain, the longtime manager of the Stamp Fulfillment Services center in Kansas City, Mo., ran a rogue operation for years that sold U.S. mint stamps overseas at deep discounts. At the same time at his offices in the underground stamp center known as "the caves," Hussain was giving away, or selling at discounted prices, philatelic products sent to his facility for disposal or destruction." - Comments (Count)


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