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March 2018
A rite of spring: Air-mailing chicks across the country through the USPS - Comments (Count)
Drunk driver who crashed into post office must pay to fix it ($45,000) - Comments (Count)
Trump's complaints about Amazon have historical precedent - Comments (Count)
Bestiality charge dismissed after former mailman pleads guilty to burglary - Comments (Count)
Mail stolen from three mailboxes in front of New Milford Post Office - Comments (Count)
Ready Player One drone-spitting postal trucks may be real very soon - Comments (Count)
Homeowner removes noose after letter carrier voices concern - Comments (Count)
Trump escalates attack on Amazon, focusing on tax, shipping - Comments (Count)
USPS mail truck involved in crash that kills one - Comments (Count)
Longtime postal worker retiring in Geneseo - Comments (Count)
Trump Derides Postal Service as Amazon's 'Delivery Boy' - Comments (Count)
Postal IG Seeks Tighter Controls of Vehicle Expense Cards - Comments (Count)
'I was appalled:' Mailman's ridicule of disabled man prompts complaint to Postal Service - Comments (Count)
Trump Hates Amazon, Not Facebook - Comments (Count)
Mail fail update: Columbus post office makes changes - Comments (Count)
Trump's postal reform plan: Less service and higher prices - Comments (Count)
'Mail Lady' retires after almost three decades - Comments (Count)
How Shyp Sunk - Comments (Count)
Everett man used USPS to mail potential bombs to White House, CIA, military - Comments (Count)
Vote: Should USPS Retirees Have to Enroll in Medicare? - Comments (Count)
Residents are desperate to keep their beloved Mizner Boca post office - Comments (Count)
Paper and postal rate increases are kicking the print industry while it's down - Comments (Count)
USPS Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Airmail Service - Comments (Count)
Charlotte brothers accused of attempting to kill US mail carrier plead not guilty - Comments (Count)
DHL Service Likely To Take Aim at USPS' Parcel Select Operation - Comments (Count)
USPS lawyers urge judge to reject Lady Liberty stamp claim - Comments (Count)
Pit bull bites mail carrier, is shot by police - Comments (Count)
Victory in USPS NRP Class Action; Claims for Money Awards Now Due - Comments (Count)
Manhattan postal workers being terrorized by bandits in fake uniforms stealing their carts (19 carts so far) - Comments (Count)
Visits Rise at Whole Foods Stores With Amazon Lockers - Comments (Count)
$1M in fentanyl seized at post office and motel room - Comments (Count)
Letter: Retiring From USPS - Comments (Count)
Canada: Rural and urban mail carriers rally for pay equity - Comments (Count)
Post Office Clerk Retiring After 34 Years - Comments (Count)
Drone delivering postal services in remote regions of China - Comments (Count)
As Loveland grows, USPS delivers - Comments (Count)
Four suspects arrested in connection to Sacramento letter carrier robbery - Comments (Count)
Feds indict murder suspect's fiancee in road-rage slaying of Dallas USPS driver - Comments (Count)
Feds: Postal worker on disability got $94,000, was in 35 motorcycle races - Comments (Count)
Lafayette's lone post office on the south side to close by end of March - Comments (Count)
Update: USPS carrier pinned, killed when mail truck rolls down driveway - Comments (Count)
Woman (possibly postal worker) dies after being pinned by postal vehicle - Comments (Count)
Snow doesn't stop mail deliveries - Comments (Count)
Los Banos gets a new postmaster - Comments (Count)
Mailbox vandals hit Omaha neighborhood - Comments (Count)
USPS plans two forever stamps to celebrate U.S. airmail - Comments (Count)
USPS grappling with growth of Longmont, Carbon Valley - Comments (Count)
A Georgia mail carrier saw letters piling up. She called police and saved a man's life - Comments (Count)
FedEx and USPS Trucks Crash - Comments (Count)
Walmart is adding FedEx Office to 500 of its stores - Comments (Count)
Shipping carriers using caution to screen for dangerous packages - Comments (Count)
USPS Mail Delivery Problems Widespread - Comments (Count)
$16.78/hour starting pay: Milwaukee Post Office hiring CCAs - Comments (Count)
Dragon Forever Stamps Coming to a Post Office Near You - Comments (Count)
Post Office Still Closed a Year After Fire - Comments (Count)
Man gets 10 years in prison for letter carrier assault  |  Caught on Camera - Comments (Count)
40 postal boxes in Bergen tampered with - Comments (Count)
Mystery after massive 24,000 mile USPS mix-up - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Audit Report: Postal Service's Limited Duty and Rehabilitation Programs Return to Work Processes - Comments (Count)
Residents, officials cite mail delivery problems in Canton - Comments (Count)
FedEx stepping up robotics operations to take load off workers - Comments (Count)
Short Hills Letter Carriers Earn Safe Driving Awards - Comments (Count)
The War on the Post Office - Comments (Count)
Postmaster General Returns to Roots for St. Patrick's Day - Comments (Count)
APWU Does Not Support or Endorse Postal Service's New Safety Ambassador Program - Comments (Count)
Postal Service COO Outlines Digital Advances - Comments (Count)
Man takes a selfie with every blue mail collection box in Seattle - Comments (Count)
"Neither snow nor rain" stops Bluefield mail carriers - Comments (Count)
New Photos of Electric Mail Truck Prototype - Comments (Count)
North Shore mailboxes are bizarre. They're also pieces of art - Comments (Count)
VIDEOS: USPS Carjacking in Las Vegas - Comments (Count)
Walmart expands online grocery delivery to 100 cities - Comments (Count)
President of MPA Says USPS Productivity Has Fallen 50 Percent Over Last Decade - Comments (Count)
USPS disagreement with inspector general over correspondence mail - Comments (Count)
Even with insurance, USPS denies woman's claim for lost package - Comments (Count)
Neighborhood misses out on mail for two years due to damaged boxes - Comments (Count)
Veteran says mailman sprayed mace at 'non-violent' (Rottweiler mix) dog - Comments (Count)
The Ease of the Postal Service Makes it a Vector for Violence - Comments (Count)
USPS Recognized as 2018 Top Federal Agency for Multicultural Business Opportunities - Comments (Count)
Committee backs use of postal carriers in Census - Comments (Count)
Homeowners want USPS away from their street - Comments (Count)
Residents upset over having to travel to get their mail - Comments (Count)
Grandview residents complain of delayed mail delivery - Comments (Count)
Husch Blackwell Publishes Top U.S. Postal Service Suppliers for 2017 (PDF) - Comments (Count)
USPS selling totes made from old mail bags - Comments (Count)
APWU: Rank and File Bargaining Advisory Committee Appointed - Comments (Count)
NALC: Countdown to Detroit (PDF) - Comments (Count)
Albany P&DC Reopens After Hazmat Incident - Comments (Count)
USPS Albany Processing & Distribution Center closed after hazmat incident  |  Three Sickened - Comments (Count)
Game Over: Postage Rate Hikes Would Shut Down ESPN Magazine - Comments (Count)
Asbestos keeps Vallejo post office closed for two more months - Comments (Count)
Postal Retirement Q&A March 2018 by Roseanne Jefferson - Comments (Count)
Suspect carjacks USPS vehicle near UNLV  |  USPS driver carjacked after denying ride - Comments (Count)
Box of lithium batteries explodes inside post office - Comments (Count)
Armed suspect robs postal carrier in Sacramento - Comments (Count)
Amazon's Next Mountain to Conquer: Delivery - Comments (Count)
Upcoming Postal Pulse Survey to Have Comment Box - Comments (Count)
Amazon delivery driver reportedly fired for dropping package on puppy - Comments (Count)
Leesburg residents say their mail keeps disappearing - Comments (Count)
Oakland rash of mail truck burglaries continues - Comments (Count)
Vote For Which of Five USPS Prototypes Should Be the Next Mail Truck - Comments (Count)
Driver knocks over collection boxes at Columbia post office - Comments (Count)
Rash of thefts strikes Postal Service's blue curbside mailboxes in Twin Cities - Comments (Count)
Damaged mailboxes force residents to make long drive - Comments (Count)
Askins retires after 52 years with city post office - Comments (Count)
This ALSO might be the next USPS mail truck - Comments (Count)
Judge orders former mail carrier to repay $112,612 in federal disability benefits - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Report: A New Reality: Correspondence Mail in the Digital Age - Comments (Count)
Bezos' Net Worth Continues to Soar - Comments (Count)
Sarasota: Three semi-trucks used to haul mail destroyed in fire - Comments (Count)
New USPS mail processing plant set to open soon in Portland - Comments (Count)
An Inside Look at the Black Market Marijuana Shipping Business - Comments (Count)
This might be the new USPS mail truck - Comments (Count)
Petersburg residents start getting year-old mail - Comments (Count)
Post Office to hire 70 in Cincinnati - Comments (Count)
Cash, gift cards stolen from USPS mail across Long Island and New Jersey - Comments (Count)
Postal workers plead guilty to throwing mail away - Comments (Count)
Bronx Community Board Members Send Post Office a Message - Comments (Count)
Petersburg residents sound off over mail found in dumpster - Comments (Count)
USPS Falling Short on Recycling Goals - Comments (Count)
Oshkosh Teams With Ford on $6 Billion USPS Mail Truck Bid - Comments (Count)
Disabled veteran in Jacksonville says destroyed mailbox is affecting his life - Comments (Count)
Are postal carriers out as potential census takers? - Comments (Count)
APWU: Florida Postal Workers Protest Staffing Shortages - Comments (Count)
Former USPS Sales VP Retires After 38 Years, Joins Pitney Bowes - Comments (Count)
Albuquerque postal clerk's talent takes him across the globe - Comments (Count)
Postal Service Testing Karsan Plug-in Hybrid Mail Truck - Comments (Count)
It wasn't USPS: FedEx driver seen on surveillance tossing package - Comments (Count)
Study of Local Post Offices Finds Women as Pioneer Agents - Comments (Count)
Eugene man arrested after '1st Amendment Audit' at Springfield post office  |  Inane Video - Comments (Count)
Stop blaming white people sign causes stir at New Jersey post office - Comments (Count)
Fleeing Driver Crashes Into Plymouth Post Office - Comments (Count)
Meredith vows to slash circulation over proposed postal rate hike - Comments (Count)
Amazon delivery threats continue to loom over USPS - Comments (Count)
Three sought in robbery of Mount Vernon letter carrier - Comments (Count)
Groups Challenge Legality of Postal Hike - Comments (Count)
Meredith Corporation Warns PRC of Massive Magazine Cutbacks - Comments (Count)
Retiring Pueblo Midtown staffers put the service in postal - Comments (Count)
Postal Driver Robbed of $70K at Gunpoint in South LA - Comments (Count)
Man records video of postal worker throwing packages in Fort Worth - Comments (Count)
Chesterfield woman wants USPS held accountable for truck damage - Comments (Count)
Big city growth strains rural post office, frustrates residents - Comments (Count)
Longtime Downriver postmaster retires after 42 years - Comments (Count)
Union Head: Lack of proper staffing to blame for Westchester mail woes - Comments (Count)
Springfield mail carrier dons camel hat on route for 'hump day' - Comments (Count)
Midlothian mail carriers may face charges for allegedly throwing mail away - Comments (Count)
WTF: Why Are More Postal Carriers Working on Sundays? - Comments (Count)
Trump Escalates Attack on Amazon and Postal Deal
3.31.2018 - Politico reports: "President Donald Trump continued to needle Amazon on Saturday, claiming the internet commerce giant maintains an advantageous relationship with the U.S Postal Service amounting to a "scam" worth "billions of dollars." "While we are on the subject, it is reported that the U.S. Post Office will lose $1.50 on average for each package it delivers for Amazon," the president wrote on Twitter." - Comments (Count)
Senators introduce bill to stabilize, improve Postal Service
3.23.2018 - Dover Post reports: "Sens. Tom Carper, D-Delaware; Jerry Moran, R-Kansas; Heidi Heitkamp, D-North Dakota; and Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri, introduced on March 22 The Postal Service Reform Act of 2018: Improving Postal Operations, Service, and Transparency to stabilize, preserve and improve the U.S. Postal Service." - Retiree Health Premiums and Postal Reform - Postal Reform Bill Would Impact Health Insurance - Concerns About Medicare Plan - GovTrack S. 2629 - GovExec - APWU Statement - Carper Press Release - Bill Would Create New Health Benefits Program for Postal Employees - NALC Lauds Bipartisan Effort - Printing Industries Applauds - Business Community Supports - Comments (Count)
Carriers Not Happy About New Scanning and Loading Directive
3.16.2018 - reports: "City and Rural Carriers on workroom floors and in online forums are expressing much displeasure about a new time-wasting parcel scanning and loading program that has carriers scanning all parcels while loading in order to determine where to place the parcels in the vehicle." - Comments (Count)
Parcel Bombs Strike Austin
3.12.2018 - Associated Press reports: "Two package bomb blasts a few miles apart killed a teenager and wounded two women in Austin on Monday, less than two weeks after a similar attack left a man dead in another part of the Texas capital. Investigators said the bombings are probably connected, and they are looking into whether race was a factor because all of the victims were minorities." - Suspect blows himself up - Parcel filled with nails and shrapnel explodes at FedEx site in San Antonio - Serial Bomber Switches MO, Uses Tripwire in 4th Attack - USPS Offers Tips to Spot Suspicious Packages - Delivery Services Remain Unaffected - Families of Two Bomb Victims Knew Each Other - Do Not Open Unknown Packages - Not Delivered By a Mail Service - Comments (Count)

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