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May 2018
Suspect faces federal charges in deaths of two postal workers - Comments (Count)
Political mailers pour in - Comments (Count)
NALC Investigating if Trump's Executive Orders on Union Time and Merit System Apply to USPS  |  Federal employees sue Trump over executive order restricting union activity - Comments (Count)
The postal automation system market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.3% by 2023 - Comments (Count)
Postal carrier's husband wouldn't apologize to her father, so she shot him dead - Comments (Count)
Post Office sends bundles of previously stolen mail to Magnolia residents - Comments (Count)
Yonkers mail thefts: $660K stolen from 85 victims; postal service 'failed,' mayor says - Comments (Count)
Packages stolen from mail trucks in Chicago - Comments (Count)
USPS stops mail delivery to Phoenix apartments due to rundown mailboxes - Comments (Count)
Yonkers Police, USPS Issue Alert Following Latest Mail Fishing Incident  |  Mail stolen from 10 postal mailboxes in Yonkers - Comments (Count)
Historic Allentown Post Office will be closed, sold - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Delayed Mail Reporting Improvements - Comments (Count)
Canada: Closing of rural post office would result in trips of 50-km for postal services - Comments (Count)
Court turns back UPS bid to drive up USPS parcel prices - Comments (Count)
Postal Parking a Problem as Post Office Sees 100% Increase in Business - Comments (Count)
Paterson Postmaster Leads Memorial Day Ceremony. Tradition Dates Back at Least 70 Years - Comments (Count)
As computers get harder to crack, thieves are pillaging mailboxes - Comments (Count)
Bronx General Post Office: A Love Story - Comments (Count)
NALC Members Allege Union Kickbacks in Pennsylvania - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Review of Expansion of Package Sorters Investment - Comments (Count)
Trump signs executive orders making it easier to fire feds, overhaul union time - Comments (Count)
Alarm system helps warn postal workers of potential dog attacks - Comments (Count)
Labor leader William Burrus, longtime Clevelander, dead at 81 - Comments (Count)
USPS Embraces Fancy Printing Techniques for Stamps - Comments (Count)
Postal Service's Pricing Methodology Upheld by Appeals Court - Comments (Count)
Postal Service Suspends Two Workers Over 2016 Campaign Activities - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: First-Class Mail Service Performance Measurement in the Northeast Area - Comments (Count)
Super glued mailbox, not just a prank, a federal law violation - Comments (Count)
Postal worker 'dying of heat' at the Ashland Postal Station - Comments (Count)
When the Mailmen Rebelled - Comments (Count)
Maine man wants refund after chicken dies in the mail - Comments (Count)
Amazon's real-time package tracker is rolling out across the U.S. - Comments (Count)
Postal carrier honored for providing caring service to community - Comments (Count)
Australia's postal service opens a store that only ships to China - Comments (Count)
New postal service stamp honors first responders - Comments (Count)
Special delivery for Centerville food pantry - Comments (Count)
GoFundMe started for postal worker who lost home in storm - Comments (Count)
Flag stolen from Henrietta post office to protest poppy policy - Comments (Count)
Garland postmaster retiring after 42-year career - Comments (Count)
Santee community members upset over delayed post office renovation - Comments (Count)
Business owners in Estes Park to petition state leaders over postal problems - Comments (Count)
Video shows postal worker on phone and relaxing on customer's porch for 17 minutes - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Review of Extended Capacity Left-Hand Drive Delivery Vehicle Acquisition - Comments (Count)
Postal worker taken to hospital after being chased by dog - Comments (Count)
Alert postal carrier and neighbor rescue elderly woman on floor for days - Comments (Count)
Postal Service Hiring On Maui - Comments (Count)
Mail fail: USPS loses 30 days of man's hold mail, can't track it down - Comments (Count)
Home video catches mail carrier 'going postal' on garbage can - Comments (Count)
APWU: Remembering President Emeritus William Burrus (1936-2018) - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Consolidation of Mail for the Atlanta Network Distribution Center - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Sunday Is the New Monday - Comments (Count)
What's Amazon worth to the Post Office? It could be a cool billion - Comments (Count)
United States Postal Service's First Scratch-and-Sniff Stamps Evoke a Sweet Summer Scent - Comments (Count)
Drone deliveries ready to soar in Japan - Comments (Count)
Record amount of food collected by letter carriers in Central Arkansas - Comments (Count)
USPS to Issue O Beautiful Forever Stamps - Comments (Count)
USPS investigating nationwide Bitcoin scam - Comments (Count)
USPS Carrier Ejected After Mail Truck Hits Pole - Comments (Count)
Stone takes oath as Frankfort's new postmaster  |  Norris named Alex City's new postmaster - Comments (Count)
Oops: First-Class Mail Discovered in Postal Service Trailer - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Delayed Mail Reporting in the Great Lakes Area - Comments (Count)
Bear breaks into, closes Pitkin Post Office - Comments (Count)
The Four Horsemen of the Postal Apocalypse - Comments (Count)
Dallas Post Office to Letter Carriers: Buy Your Own Ice Machine - Comments (Count)
Queens mailman busted for delivering 10-pound parcel of marijuana - Comments (Count)
Thousands assigned new ZIP Codes in McKinney, TX - Comments (Count)
Hero award presented to Hiawatha mail carrier - Comments (Count)
Green Cove Springs postal clerk indicted, accused of stealing $13,000 worth of stamps - Comments (Count)
Yonkers post office celebrates 222 years of service - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: Postal workers honored for safe driving - Comments (Count)
Drivers Delivering Amazon Packages Accused of Devastating and Deadly Accidents  |  VIDEO: A Day in the Life of an Amazon Delivery Driver - Comments (Count)
Paul Carlin, the Postmaster General who fought his dismissal after exposing corrupt board of governor - Comments (Count)
Three pit bulls burst out of home, attack postal worker - Comments (Count)
Trucking company to pay $750,000 for double billing USPS - Comments (Count)
Long lines at Prattville Post Office lead to short tempers - Comments (Count)
Investigation underway after ferret shipped through the mail - Comments (Count)
Postal worker allegedly maced dog because 'she feared for her life' - Comments (Count)
Racist graffiti not removed from Bronx post office - Comments (Count)
Historic Biplanes Recreate First Airmail Flight - Comments (Count)
'Snail mail' mishap: Three-year backlog of mail delivered to adviser at business center - Comments (Count)
Strange Bedfellows: Sears and Amazon; FedEx and Walgreens; Snapfish and CVS - Comments (Count)
USPS allegedly fired African-American employee for reporting racial discrimination at the workplace - Comments (Count)
City of Berkeley wins lawsuit with the Postal Service over zoning law involving historic post office - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Improving Surface Visibility Scanning - Comments (Count)
Feds say Philly mail carrier was used in marijuana-by-Priority Mail scheme - Comments (Count)
Mail truck crashes down embankment trying to avoid squirrel - Comments (Count)
Turn the Post Office into a Bank? First check Japan - Comments (Count)
AM General Tops Reader Poll for Next USPS Truck - Comments (Count)
66th Postmaster General Paul Carlin Dies at Age 86 - Comments (Count)
Asking the wrong questions: Reflections on Amazon, the Post Office, and the Greater Good - Comments (Count)
Indiana: Postal workers Stamp Out Hunger  |  WV  |  AK  |  SD  |  PA  |  WI - Comments (Count)
Thieves get access to mail from damaged drop boxes in San Jose - Comments (Count)
Thousands of undelivered letters, packages found in CCA's impounded SUV - Comments (Count)
AAA files complaint after bundles of magazines found in recycle bin - Comments (Count)
The US Government demands that the post office lose a lot of money - Comments (Count)
Stacks of undelivered mail found in tow lot - Comments (Count)
Video Shows Brazen Mail Bandits in Yonkers  |  Thieves loaded stolen collection box into Honda Odyssey - Comments (Count)
Jamaica, NY Postmaster gone after calling out mail carriers - Comments (Count)
Former USPS board chairman provides suggestions to save the Postal Service - Comments (Count)
Thumb on the scale: The OIG reports on the Postal Service's share of CSRS pension responsibility - Comments (Count)
Asbestos warning posted, as floor tiles are replaced in Aberdeen post office - Comments (Count)
Lexington homeowners upset over mailbox placement demands - Comments (Count)
El Paso: Residents waiting an hour and a half at post office to pick up mail - Comments (Count)
Scanner says: Consider sports drinks when sweating a lot - Comments (Count)
Why you might see postal workers with blue hair - Comments (Count)
UPS and Teamsters discussing two-tier wage system to allow weekend deliveries - Comments (Count)
Bill Gross to Sell Stamp Collection Valued at $40 Million - Comments (Count)
Food drive kicks off at local post office - Comments (Count)
USPS Showcases Innovative Physical and Digital Platforms at 2018 National Postal Forum - Comments (Count)
A century ago, mail delivery took to the skies - Comments (Count)
Sentencing for former postal worker who rode amusement park rides while on workers' compensation - Comments (Count)
OPM Proposes Legislation to Cut Retirement Benefits for Current and Former Feds - Comments (Count)
Direct marketer adds ex-US Postmaster Donahoe to board of directors - Comments (Count)
Update on the Postal Service's Share of CSRS Pension Responsibility - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Audit Report: Surface Visibility Scanning - Capital Metro Area and Capping Report - Comments (Count)
National Postal Forum is this week in San Antonio - Comments (Count)
Dealer used dark web, bitcoin and USPS to run national drug business from Denver - Comments (Count)
Dog stolen by Amazon delivery driver found after owner emailed Jeff Bezos - Comments (Count)
26th Annual Letter Carriers Food Drive is This Saturday - Comments (Count)
NALC: A soaring federal deficit spells danger for letter carriers - Comments (Count)
Tammie Sullard looks back on 30 years at the USPS - Comments (Count)

Safety stand up talk on dog bite prevention with stuffed dog
- Comments (Count)
Hilo Downtown Post Office temporarily closed as the building is inspected for quake damage - Comments (Count)
Former postal worker who withheld mail to customers pleads guilty to felony charges - Comments (Count)
Body of postal worker missing for three weeks found in river - Comments (Count)
The Onion: USPS Unveils New Line of Commemorative Prince-Inspired Postal Workers - Comments (Count)
Detroit: High winds snap tree, injuring postal worker in South Lyon  |  Tree falls on postal worker - Comments (Count)
Former postal worker from Pontiac gets 25-60 years in prison - Comments (Count)
USPS 2017 Annual Sustainability Report (PDF) - Comments (Count)
USPS temporarily removing some collection boxes in Dallas due to presidential visit - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Is the Click-N-Ship Service Available When You Need It? - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Audit Report: Sunday Operations - San Francisco District - Comments (Count)
Postal Banking Could Become a Reality Even Without Congress - Comments (Count)
TSP funds level off after months of volatility - Comments (Count)
Cress retires from USPS after 44 years  |  Galt Postmaster retires after 42 years - Comments (Count)
NALC: "It's the pre-funding, stupid!" - Comments (Count)
Newark mail carrier celebrates 50 years with the Postal Service - Comments (Count)
Mail delivery problems stack up in Collier County - Comments (Count)
Temple residents speak out on mail delivery problems - Comments (Count)
Postmaster General and CFO to Host Media Call on Quarter 2 Financial Results - Comments (Count)
Postal Retirement Q&A May/June 2018 by Roseanne Jefferson - Comments (Count)
WSJ: More Realistic Bulk Mail Pricing Would Help the USPS - Comments (Count)
NALC: CCA back pay update - Comments (Count)
Postal employees take cover as man breaks more than 40 windows at Bellingham post office - Comments (Count)
Audiobook Reviews May 2018 by Jonathan Lowe - Comments (Count)
Scanner says: Walk in the shade when possible - Comments (Count)
Trump Pressured USPS to Jack Up Shipping Rates for Amazon
5.18.2018 - NY Post reports: "President Trump personally pressured Postmaster General Megan Brennan to double the charges Amazon and other firms pay to ship packages, a new report said Friday. Brennan resisted Trump's demand, explaining "in multiple conversations" that the rates are set in contracts and that any changes would have to be approved by regulators, the Washington Post reported." - WH: Trump may see 'unfairness' with Amazon - Amazon briefly hit session low after report - Comments (Count)
USPS gets whacked with a $1.3 billion loss as it struggles to keep up with Amazon
5.11.2018 - Business Insider reports: "Perhaps even more troublesome is that the USPS posted such a large loss during a period in which package volumes increased by 5%. While that uptick most likely explains the $364 million increase in compensation expenses due to what it describes as "additional hours incurred to support the labor-intensive package business as well as contractual wage adjustments," it also raises the question of why the volume surge wasn't able to bridge the controllable-income gap." - USPS's flawed business model persists even with growth in packages - Packages Weigh on USPS as Losses Grow - USPS Press Release - Comments (Count)
For New Addresses, USPS Will No Longer Deliver to Your Door
5.04.2018 - reports: "The U.S. Postal Service will no longer deliver mail to the door for new addresses, pushing mail recipients to instead cluster their mailboxes in a centralized area. The new policy marks a sharp shift as the agency continues to find ways to cut costs and follows through on a proposal for which it has long advocated." - USPS Notice - Comments (Count)
In Rural America, the Postal Service is Already Collapsing
5.03.2018 - The Nation reports: "It's in towns like Jessica's that the Postal Service is most indispensable as a public institution, but rural areas are also where the agency's recent cutbacks have been the most debilitating. As the USPS has phased in workforce cuts over the past decade, it has created what amounts to a labor shortage at the country's smaller stations. Across rural America, routes are vacant, offices are understaffed, and turnover rates are high." - PDF Version - Comments (Count)

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