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April 2018
Swallows takes over as Fairbury postmaster - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: Amazon delivery driver throws package to second story deck - Comments (Count)
Acting Jamaica, NY Postmaster: Mail carriers are not showing up to work - Comments (Count)
$50,000 reward after Seattle mail carrier robbed at gunpoint - Comments (Count)
Why Just Dropped 10% - Comments (Count)
Residents to Host Rally Outside East Longmeadow Post Office - Comments (Count)
Carmichael's 'Dancing Postman' Bows Out - Comments (Count)
At Post Office, Amazon Isn't The Only Big Shipper Getting Discounts - Comments (Count)
Postal Worker Says She's Traumatized After Dog Bite - Comments (Count)
Action taken against Fargo mail carrier for tossing package - Comments (Count)
APWU: Update on Contract Negotiation Preparations - Comments (Count)
Looks like I'm going to jail: Mail carrier accused of paying man to dispose of 11,000 pieces of mail - Comments (Count)
Hampden postal employees fear downsizing over loss of sorting machine - Comments (Count)
ADVO/Red Plum Changes Name Again to RetailMeNot - Comments (Count)
Audiobook Reviews: Exclusive Interview: New Evidence Linking Video Games to Gun Violence - Comments (Count)
Less transparency provided on USPS post office leases - Comments (Count)
62 percent of Amazon deliveries may flow through USPS - Comments (Count)
Three injured in crash involving USPS truck in Miami - Comments (Count)
Amazon Controversy Makes the Case for a Private-Sector Postal Service - Comments (Count)
Henrico families say their dogs were pepper-sprayed by mail carrier - Comments (Count)
Wait! Don't Kill That Magazine: 4 Ways to Rescue a Struggling Publication - Comments (Count)
WSJ: Problems pile up due to vacancies on the USPS governing board (subscription) - Comments (Count)
Dog trainer demos how to avoid being bitten at local post office - Comments (Count)
GOP Senator moves to close shipping loophole that helps Chinese businesses on Amazon - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Report: Large Majority Believe Delivery Robots Will Be in Use Within the Next Five Years - Comments (Count)
Mail collection box ripped from ground, stolen in Oakland - Comments (Count)
Letter Carriers Critique 5 Vehicles Considered for Next Mail Truck - Comments (Count)
Car crashes into Northern NY post office - Comments (Count)
Bizarre '1st Amendment Audit' at Dallas Post Office Distribution Center - Comments (Count)
Man attacks postal worker and others in neighborhood rampage - Comments (Count)
Postal worker charged after feds raid home, find undelivered mail - Comments (Count)
Ex-USPS worker 'Chuck the Sniffer' gets probation for stealing drugs from the mail - Comments (Count)
NALC Addresses New Loading and Scanning Issue - Comments (Count)
Council suggests town hall to address mail service complaints - Comments (Count)
Amazon ignores Trump's attacks as it moulds a business empire - Comments (Count)
The check's in the mail, but your neighbor parked in front of your mailbox - Comments (Count)
NALC: Retirement Parity Under Attack (PDF) - Comments (Count)
Rochester mail carriers are officially heroic as we think they are - Comments (Count)
CargoGlide Debuts Postal Prototype Vehicle With Sliding Shelves - Comments (Count)
Horrible postal crash sends USPS worker to shock trauma with life-threatening injuries - Comments (Count)
Woman learning to drive truck crashes through wall of post office - Comments (Count)
Italian postman found with 880 pounds of undelivered mail says he wasn't paid enough - Comments (Count)
'Dude, I have a magical key for all mailboxes.' Missing some mail? Better read this - Comments (Count)
Milwaukee Police searching for armed suspects who robbed postal carrier - Comments (Count)
USPS Releases Annual Dog Attack City Rankings - Comments (Count)
Thousands of Mail Carriers Have Amazon to Thank - Comments (Count)
Key West hiring carrier assistants - Comments (Count)
Mail delivery problems 'systemic' in Westchester, officials say - Comments (Count)
PRC Identifies USPS Compliance Issues in Annual Report for FY 2017 - Comments (Count)
PRC Says USPS Lost $1.3 Billion in 2017 - Comments (Count)
Some Amazon Key features, including keyless entry, go nationwide - Comments (Count)
North Charlotte Postal Carriers Recognized by Postmaster General - Comments (Count)
Residents in Tremont delivering mail to each other after mail mixups - Comments (Count)
How Congress Used the Post Office to Unite the Nation - Comments (Count)
NALC Files National Level Grievance Over CCA Back Pay - Comments (Count)
'My dog won't bite.' Charlotte postal workers know better - Comments (Count)
A million miles and accident free for this postal worker - Comments (Count)
Residents discuss concerns of mural in Medford post office - Comments (Count)
Snail mail scam: 'I know about the secret you are keeping' - Comments (Count)
Amazon could use Whole Foods to help weather postal rate hikes - Comments (Count)
USPS investigators raid Bellmore home: More than a dozen bags seized  |  Bags of undelivered mail - Comments (Count)
New Port Richey residents without mail delivery for six weeks - Comments (Count)
Local mail carrier retires after 27 years - Comments (Count)
USPS vs. Berkeley over sale of historic post office - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Report: Mail Processing Facilities Staffing and the F1 Scheduler - Comments (Count)
Chinese merchants get an even better postal deal than Amazon - Comments (Count)
Russian postal delivery drone makes debut - and promptly crashes - Comments (Count)
PRC directs USPS to work on international shipping issues - Comments (Count)
Richmond postmaster retires after 30 years - Comments (Count)
Spring 2018 Communities and Postal Workers United Newsletter (PDF) - Comments (Count)
Changes at Kenwood PO: Turnover of entire staff leaves no 'institutional memory' - Comments (Count)
North Dakotans hope new bipartisan postal reform bill will help - Comments (Count)
Postal Tracking Has Up To Eleven Scans - Comments (Count)
Audiobook Reviews April 2018 by Jonathan Lowe - Comments (Count)

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