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October 2017
Postal worker rescues badly hurt customer - Comments (Count)
Remains of retired postal worker lost in the mail - Comments (Count)
Locker package delivery systems gaining popularity with apartment managers - Comments (Count)
South Shore Post Office Annex renamed for clerk who died in Hurricane Sandy - Comments (Count)
Gilley retires after nearly three decades with USPS - Comments (Count)
Decade-long post office 'dog hold' leads to federal lawsuit - Comments (Count)
Police investigate violent death of retired postal worker - Comments (Count)
Superior Postmaster to Retire This Week - Comments (Count)
Postmaster relocated after harassment and emotional abuse complaints - Comments (Count)
Postal Service looking for more than 100 employees in Southern Nevada - Comments (Count)
Amazon and Wal-Mart Battle for the Last Mile - Comments (Count)
Postage Due Comic Strip Week 4 - Comments (Count)
Boston APWU Organizes Protest to Demand Management Fill New England Area Postal Vacancies - Comments (Count)
Santa Fe post office closes lobby overnight due to homelessness - Comments (Count)
Postal Service Expands Delivery Efforts in Caribbean - Comments (Count)
Mail stolen from drop boxes at five Sarasota County post offices - Comments (Count)
Postmaster's Last Delivery - Comments (Count)
Ossining postal problems provoke residents to speak up - Comments (Count)
Attorney General Sessions Says USPS Involved in Fight Against Opioids - Comments (Count)
Air National Guard Delivers Mail to Puerto Rico - Comments (Count)
USPS Using VR to Train Drivers - Comments (Count)
U.S. mail delivery endures in county's rural areas - Comments (Count)
Employee Says Port Matilda Post Office Remains a Toxic Environment - Comments (Count)
The R2-D2 Robot of Mail Delivery Helps Postal Workers in Germany - Comments (Count)
Amazon Shares Soar After Massive Earnings Beat - Comments (Count)
Carlsbad postmaster sworn in after decade of jobs across New Mexico - Comments (Count)
Can you identify the man who punched a female mail carrier? - Comments (Count)
Amazon Key will now deliver inside your home, and record the whole thing - Comments (Count)
OPM Finalizes Long-Desired Change to USPS Pensions - Comments (Count)
USPS Honors Perkins County Postmaster - Comments (Count)
Postal worker gets 3 years for stealing co-workers IDs, filing phony claims - Comments (Count)
Rural carrier killed in freak accident when tree falls on vehicle - Comments (Count)
Rep. Kind throws in support for continued six-day mail delivery - Comments (Count)
Rural carrier helps disabled man in Papillion - Comments (Count)
His mother's ashes were lost in the mail. In his search, he's found only frustration - and fury - Comments (Count)
Postal worker who threw out 100 Berkeley voter guides identified, found guilty - Comments (Count)
Lawmakers seek information on drug risks to postal workers - Comments (Count)
Westport resident battles to save 'magic garden' at post office - Comments (Count)
Homeowner says it 'feels like theft' after mailman returns Amazon package left in box - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: USPS 'People' 15 Second Ad - Comments (Count)
Crooks hit hundreds of mailboxes in Madera County neighborhood - Comments (Count)
Streator's new postmaster born to lead - Comments (Count)
America is sending care packages to Puerto Rico, and many are too heavy - Comments (Count)
Autonomous delivery vehicles would drive letter carriers from mailbox to mailbox, follow carriers on walking routes and self park - Comments (Count)
Postage Due Comic Strip Week 3 - Comments (Count)
Postal truck crash leaves one with serious injuries - Comments (Count)
Noose Found at Post Office in Gaithersburg - Comments (Count)
Postal Views Podcast #73 (USPS Working Overtime) - Comments (Count)
Senate Approves Budget Resolution Without Federal Benefit Hits - Comments (Count)
On the rise: More employees feel 'engaged,' survey says  |  Disconnect Between Survey and Actual Workplace Conditions - Comments (Count)
Postal worker robbed at gunpoint in Pennsylvania - Comments (Count)
USPS plans autonomous vehicle tests on rural routes - Comments (Count)
USPS worker who robbed bank on his day off faces prison - Comments (Count)
Postal worker who opened more than 250 customers' mail gets probation - Comments (Count)
Letter carrier honored for stem cell donation - Comments (Count)
Why paper catalogs still matter - Comments (Count)
Senate Poised to Approve Budget Plan, Setting Up Fight Over Fed Benefit Cuts - Comments (Count)
Union boss says he would rather destroy Royal Mail than lose pensions fight - Comments (Count)
Communities and Postal Workers United Fall 2017 Newsletter (PDF) - Comments (Count)
DHL's mail-carrying robot delivers the goods in Germany - Comments (Count)
Retired Howell mail carrier, 99, remembered for impact on community - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: USPS Delivers After Hurricane Irma - Comments (Count)
Amazon taking over package rooms of largest apartments - Comments (Count)
Postal workers to rally against job cuts in Boston area - Comments (Count)
Legislation Would Allow Postal Service to Ship Alcoholic Beverages - Comments (Count)
Postal worker leaves package exposed on back of truck - Comments (Count)
USPS accepting requests from employees who want to volunteer to work in Puerto Rico - Comments (Count)
Someone torches Pasco mail worker's SUV - Comments (Count)
Former postal supervisor admits to embezzling nearly $16K - Comments (Count)
Des Moines USPS to hire 250 before the holidays - Comments (Count)
$20,000 reward for arrest in robbery of Lake Park mail carrier - Comments (Count)
PHOTOS: Postal carrier vehicle struck on Hwy 55 - Comments (Count)
In Sumner and Bonney Lake, they wonder: Where is our mail? - Comments (Count)
Amazon's Request for Proposal for 2nd HQ Location (PDF)  |  Amazon HQ2 - Comments (Count)
Having identity thieves steal their mail was bad. Getting the USPS to return it was worse - Comments (Count)
The Story Behind the Viral Wildfire Mail Video - Comments (Count)
APWU: 2018 Social Security COLA Will Be 2.0%: Not Enough to Offset Medicare Part B Premiums - Comments (Count)
Amazon to Add 120,000 Jobs This Holiday Season - Comments (Count)
Postage Due Comic Strip Week 2 - Comments (Count)
Late and missing mail leaves Bonsack woman befuddled - Comments (Count)
Postal carrier for five decades, Larry the mail guy leaves his mark in Capitol environs - Comments (Count)
Fire evacuees find some comfort in picking up their mail - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: Carrier drives through grass and throws package - Comments (Count)
Mail delivery resumes in Napa County - Comments (Count)
2017 Penalty Overtime Exclusion Period - Comments (Count)
Local postal union, residents fight against potential post office sell-off - Comments (Count)
'Face of the post office' recognized for 30 years on the job - Comments (Count)
USPS Honors African-American History Museum With Stamp - Comments (Count)
Police arrest man with a grudge in East Chicago post office bombing - Comments (Count)
USPS worker dies after crash in Greensboro - Comments (Count)
Tweens steal packages from postal truck - Comments (Count)
Letters Could Save Kauai Post Office - Comments (Count)
USPS and Canada Post Joint Issue Hockey Stamps - Comments (Count)
USPS Responds to California Wildfires - Comments (Count)
USPS closes Oxford pepper-spraying dog investigation - Comments (Count)
Drug Shipments Raise Concerns About Postal Employee Safety - Comments (Count)
Warning Black Bear on the Premises - Comments (Count)
NALC: A Hard Rain: Stories of survival, helping others and returning to their routes (PDF) - Comments (Count)
Drone video: Postman delivers mail after Santa Rosa fires - Comments (Count)
Mail delivery stopped for entire street after residents of one house threaten carrier - Comments (Count)
A bear walked into the Anchorage P&DC and wouldn't leave. Police shot it - Comments (Count)
Fired postal worker gets house arrest for taking bribes to delivery marijuana packages - Comments (Count)
Next-generation US Postal Service truck starts zipping around town - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Report: Insider Threat Program - Comments (Count)
Walmart says its online sales will explode next year - Comments (Count)
Amazon is exploring ways to deliver items to your car trunk and inside your home - Comments (Count)
Military Holiday 2017 Shipping Deadlines - Comments (Count)
Your next mail truck? NHTSA document previews Mahindra USPS vehicle prototype - Comments (Count)
Colorado students sending artwork to postal workers in Houston - Comments (Count)
Amazon's 'Seller Flex' Program Would Largely Impact the USPS - Comments (Count)
Spy shots: The Postal Service's New Electric Mail Truck? - Comments (Count)
This mailwoman saved an elderly woman's life - Comments (Count)
Vintage photos trace the unsung genius of the Post Office - Comments (Count)
With cell towers still down in Puerto Rico, snail mail has become the main form of communication and  Postal Service workers have emerged as heroes - Comments (Count)
Northfield Postmaster Retiring After Nearly 36 Years Federal Service - Comments (Count)
USPS Issues The Snowy Day Forever Stamps - Comments (Count)
Postage Due Comic Strip Week 1
Royal Mail Workers Vote for National Strike - Comments (Count)
SUV crashes into Umatilla post office  |  Car vs Post Office in Cotuit - Comments (Count)
Delray Beach postmaster refuses to discuss mail delivery issues throughout area - Comments (Count)
Brooklyn residents not receiving mail due to dispute over broken boxes - Comments (Count)
Postal Views Podcast #72 (USPS Helping Others) - Comments (Count)
USPS being forced to skip retiree payments for fifth straight year - Comments (Count)
Kokomo Postal Worker Retires After 45 Years Delivering Mail - Comments (Count)
Postal Worker Fired After Not Lowering Flag - Comments (Count)
WSJ: USPS Likely to Raise Prices to Bolster Cash Cushion - Comments (Count)
Milton-Freewater works through shortage of mail carriers - Comments (Count)
UPS and FedEx stocks down as Amazon moves further into the delivery space - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: USPS Hurricane Harvey Recovery - Comments (Count)
Gunnison Mail Carrier Puts Down His Bag - Comments (Count)
Postal Workers Wear Pink to Support Breast Cancer Awareness - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: Rolando Presents NALC 2017 National Hero of the Year Award to Matt Lamb - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: Vermont Teddy Bear Counts on USPS - Comments (Count)
Health plans: Pain in butt or pain in wallet? Your call! - Comments (Count)
Postal worker attacked in attempted robbery in Naperville - Comments (Count)
Amazon Is Testing Its Own Delivery Service to Rival FedEx and UPS - Comments (Count)
Husband and wife retire after combined 71 years at Deep River Post Office - Comments (Count)
Postal Retirement Q&A October 2017 by Roseanne Jefferson - Comments (Count)
Post office extensively damaged by car crash - Comments (Count)
Charleston mailman honored for heroism - Comments (Count)
Is USPS prepping for driverless mail trucks? - Comments (Count)
Walmart acquires New York-based Parcel to compete with Amazon on rapid package delivery - Comments (Count)
Too hot at Crystal Lake post office - Comments (Count)
D.C. USPS manager gets 8 years for converting postal workers into a virtual marijuana distribution network - Comments (Count)
Fort Mill citizens meet with USPS over ongoing mail problems - Comments (Count)
Spartan Motors Awarded $214 Million USPS Contract for Cargo Vans  |  Spartan Motors - Comments (Count)
Willits Postmaster Dale Briggs Retires - Comments (Count)
Cheshire man gets 24 months in jail for defrauding USPS - Comments (Count)
Vegas shooter worked as mail carrier from 1976 to 1978 - Comments (Count)
Vegas shooting: Engine trouble becomes blessing for postal clerk  |  APWU 2017 All-Craft Conference - Comments (Count)
Bexley Mail Problems - Comments (Count)
Postal supervisor who used job to help mail 100 kilos of weed gets six years - Comments (Count)
USPS 'Informed Delivery' is Stalker's Dream - Comments (Count)
USPS Has Good News for Prospective Retirees - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Autonomous Vehicles for the Postal Service - Comments (Count)
Vets furious over Clinton Hill post office's tattered flags - Comments (Count)
Amazon takes new steps to deter porch pirates  |  Flex drivers: 'We are not stealing your packages' - Comments (Count)
Police: U.S. Postal Service carrier delivered more than mail  |  Mailman busted with drugs, guns and cash - Comments (Count)
Mail carrier saves woman's life - Comments (Count)
Postal Service vehicle catches fire in downtown Cleveland  |  Authorities investigating two truck fires - Comments (Count)
Audiobook Reviews October 2017 by Jonathan Lowe - Comments (Count)
LLV Service Life to Be Extended Further - Comments (Count)
Trump Nominates Three to USPS Board of Governors
10.26.2017 - reports: President Trump has nominated the following individuals to be Members of the Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service: Calvin R. Tucker of Pennsylvania, Robert M. Duncan of Kentucky and David Williams of Illinois. - Former IG of USPS David Williams One of the Nominees - Postal board finally receives three nominees to fill vacant posts - Comments (Count)
USPS Ready to Deliver 15 Billion Pieces of Mail This Holiday Season
10.25.2017 - reports: The U.S. Postal Service expects to deliver more than 15 billion pieces of mail this holiday season. In the period between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, the Postal Service also expects to deliver 850 million packages, which is more than a 10 percent increase compared to the same period last year. - Comments (Count)
Last Remaining Postal Governor POST DATED Rate Hikes
10.06.2017 - reports: The last remaining Postal Governor James Bilbray signed several POST DATED orders in November/December 2016 to raise postal rate prices in January 2018, because any price increases must be approved by the postal governors. Currently there are no postal governors because the Senate has not confirmed any new governors in a couple of years. - The Case of the Ghostly Governor - Comments (Count)
USPS Announces New Prices for 2018
10.06.2017 - reports: The United States Postal Service filed notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission today of price changes to take effect on January 21, 2018. The new prices, if approved, include a one cent increase in the price of a First-Class Mail Forever stamp from 49 cents to 50 cents. Most Shipping Services products will average a 3.9 percent price increase. - Sellers Face 6 Percent Priority Mail Rate Hike in 2018 - Comments (Count)
OPM Announces 2018 FEHB Program Premiums
10.06.2017 - reports: The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has announced that the overall average increase in total premiums for the 2018 Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program will rise by an average of four percent. - Private Sector Bracing for 50% Health Premium Hike - Comments (Count)


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