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September 2017
Stamped Out - Comments (Count)
Postal worker gets prison for helping son move pot to York - Comments (Count)
Hero postal carrier gets national honor - Comments (Count)
'White Lives Matter' fliers found inside Maryland post office - Comments (Count)
Postal worker retires after 44 years of service - Comments (Count)
Neighborhood starting to revolt over mailman who is terrified of dogs - Comments (Count)
A million miles in 30 years: Postal carrier honored for dedication, service - Comments (Count)
'Waiver of signature' option used on Express Mail drug shipments - Comments (Count)
USPS testing next-day deliveries on Saturday pickups from retail stores - Comments (Count)
UPS will hire about 95,000 extra workers for the holidays - Comments (Count)
Chicago Touting Old Main Post Office Building for New Amazon Headquarters - Comments (Count)
Postal Service Resumes Operations on St. Croix Friday - Comments (Count)
Connersville's Iron Man - Comments (Count)
Bronx to lose 206 mail drop-off boxes - Comments (Count)
NALC: Veterans Day Holiday Day Off Explained - Comments (Count)
Cyber, talent challenges sideline USPS software license management - Comments (Count)
Fired postmaster gets jobless benefits - Comments (Count)
Postal contractor pleads guilty to stealing 33 packages containing narcotics - Comments (Count)
A man collected workers' comp for a back injury while training as a Metrobus driver - Comments (Count)
Sprint Says Thanks Event For USPS Employees on September 30th - Comments (Count)
Congressman sends letter to Tillerson about international mail losses (PDF) - Comments (Count)
Limited Puerto Rico mail service begins Wednesday, USPS says - Comments (Count)
Postal carrier repeatedly sprays dogs with pepper spray - Comments (Count)
Postmaster fired after failing to investigate $160,000 embezzlement - Comments (Count)
Mysterious man plants peculiarities at Brentwood Post Office - Comments (Count)
USPS Accepts Blame in St. Charles P.O. Box Confusion - Comments (Count)
French posties transform Paris rooftop into picturesque farm - Comments (Count)
Washington Post: Probes estimate billions of delayed mail pieces and point to Postal Service coverups - Comments (Count)
Puerto Rico: 'We are anxiously waiting the reopening of the post office so our families can send us provisions' - Comments (Count)
USPS: Full service restored to most Rio Grande District locations - Comments (Count)
32 pounds of marijuana seized from postal delivery in Clinton County - Comments (Count)
Longtime South Hamilton Post Office employee retires - Comments (Count)
FBI releases sketch of person of interest in East Chicago post office bombing - Comments (Count)
Postal worker credited with helping save elderly man's life - Comments (Count)
NALC: Help Letter Carriers Hurt by Hurricanes Irma and Maria - Comments (Count)
Japan Raises $11.6 Billion Selling Another Stake in Postal Giant - Comments (Count) Audiobook Reviewer Jonathan Lowe's 'Awakening Storm' Book Now Available in Paperback  |  'Postmarked for Death' Now on Kindle - Comments (Count)
Royal Mail to issue three booklets of 2017 Star Wars stamps - Comments (Count)
Kohl's will soon accept your Amazon returns - Comments (Count)
Testimony concludes in Lady Liberty stamp trial - Comments (Count)
Mail carrier stops runaway vehicle after driver passes out - Comments (Count)
Retiring postmaster will miss the people - Comments (Count)
Heap of stolen mail left in the street - Comments (Count)
Vintage photos on exhibit at post office - Comments (Count)
Car crashes into Lithopolis post office - Comments (Count)
Check in the mail? No, really. Why some Ft. Mill neighbors can't get to their mail - Comments (Count)
Postal Service promises customers improvements - Comments (Count)
Last day delivering smiles in Hillsboro - Comments (Count)
Postal Worker Walking 100 Miles For a Good Cause - Comments (Count)
Postal Problems Plaguing American Canyon Aired at Tuesday Gathering - Comments (Count)
Soup Nazi Service: Brevoort Station Post Office Is 'Proof God Hates You,' Residents Say - Comments (Count)
Acid spill prompts evacuation at Dallas Bulk Mail Center - Comments (Count)
Mail thieves lead Dallas officials on high-speed chase - Comments (Count)
Woman claims she was terminated for requesting FMLA leave by USPS - Comments (Count)
USPS preparing for record holiday season - Comments (Count)
USPS hiring 1,000 in Colorado for holiday rush - Comments (Count)
USPS Has Closed All Postal Facilities in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands Due to Hurricane Maria - Comments (Count)
FedEx Rolls Out 4.9% 2018 Rate Increase - Comments (Count)
Flying the Mail in Remote Idaho - Comments (Count)
After decades of delivery, Ryan leaving Postal Service - Comments (Count)
This is the World's Most Unusual Post Office - Comments (Count)
80+ neighborhood groups working together to take on mailbox thieves - Comments (Count)
Postal worker and mother of two vanishes in N. Houston - Comments (Count)
Amazon is Quietly Seizing Control of Booze Delivery Too - Comments (Count)
Zip Line, Rappelling Photos Nab 'Injured' Postal Worker - Comments (Count)
Daimler rolls out first electric trucks to postal giant UPS - Comments (Count)
Postal Service Open Today in St. Thomas - Comments (Count)
Should the USPS Close the Historic Lihue Post Office? - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG to Conduct Audit of Controversial Function 1 Scheduling Tool at Mail Processing Facilities - Comments (Count)
USPS, NALC Leaders Sign Labor Contract - Comments (Count)
The secret innovative history of the Post Office - Comments (Count)
Washington mail carrier moves on to finalist ceremony for safest driver in U.S. - Comments (Count)
Mail carrier, gun-toting carjacker battle over stolen postal van - Comments (Count)
Fed Up Resident Pickets the Post Office - Comments (Count)
Giant Hurricane Irma No Match for Nation's Smallest Post Office - Comments (Count)
Postal Views Podcast #71 (USPS Underground News) - Comments (Count)
Local Businesses, Newspaper Delivery, Suffering From Post Office Closing - Comments (Count)
Independent Report on USPS Employee Withholdings and Contributions - Comments (Count)
Mail carrier brings hope to woman after cancer diagnosis - Comments (Count)
USPS service operations returning to normal after Hurricane Irma - Comments (Count)
Delinquents steal mail out of mailboxes, open letters exposing personal information - Comments (Count)
Residents blame apartment managers for not getting mail - Comments (Count)
DMA Opposes Postal Rate Increase - Comments (Count)
NALC's Nalcrest Retirement Community Impacted by Hurricane Irma - Comments (Count)
Law enforcement called after postal employee allegedly threatens to bring a gun to work - Comments (Count)
Job cuts no longer coming for Bronx postal workers - Comments (Count)
Mail carrier recovering after being attacked by 72-pound dog in Parma - Comments (Count)
Postal Service resumes limited mail delivery in Miami-Dade - Comments (Count)
Tropical Storm Irma USPS Service Disruption Alerts - Comments (Count)
US Virgin Islands Post Offices Hard Hit by Hurricane Irma - Comments (Count)
If you live in the Keys or parts of Broward, your mail may not arrive but your packages may - Comments (Count)
Caught on Tape: Charlotte postal worker tosses package to front door - Comments (Count)
Walbridge man threatens woman, postal worker with baseball bat - Comments (Count)
Vehicle crashes into Belchertown post office - Comments (Count)
USPS: 'Staffing shortfall' contributed to mail problems in Larchmont - Comments (Count)
Twenty and done? USPS refuses to comment on future of Legends of Hollywood series - Comments (Count)
Billions Served: Foot Traffic at the Post Office, an OIG report - Comments (Count)
USPS Continues to Temporarily Adjust Operations in Florida and Georgia Due to Hurricane Irma - Comments (Count)
One injured in crash that flips mail truck in Ukiah - Comments (Count)
When snail-mail lives up to its name - Comments (Count)
Embarking upon a new route - Comments (Count)
Woman hit by mail truck in Manchester - Comments (Count)
Community mailboxes coming for new subdivisions - Comments (Count)
Wrong way driver hits two US mail trucks - Comments (Count)
Lihue Post Office Meeting Scheduled - Comments (Count)
Schumer: USPS should make Larchmont mail investigation public - Comments (Count)
Neighbors upset USPS will deliver to only one side of newly reconstructed street - Comments (Count)
USPS Temporarily Adjusts Florida Operations Until Further Notice - Comments (Count)
FBI investigating if 'any terrorism links' exist in Chicago post office bombing - Comments (Count)
Postal employees 'developed a knack' for pilfering drugs passing through distribution center, investigator says - Comments (Count)
USPS Suspends Deliveries Due to Hurricane Irma - Comments (Count)
Postal Worker Injured in East Chicago Explosion - Comments (Count)
Postal Service driver charged with DWI in fatal moped crash - Comments (Count)
USPS suspends delivery service to the Keys - Comments (Count)
Harlem Post Office to Relocate But Residents Fear Continued Poor Service - Comments (Count)
USPS offers reward after thieves steal entire mailbox - Comments (Count)
Former mailman sentenced to two years probation for dumping 15K pieces of mail in DC sewers - Comments (Count)
Hunt for U.S. postal carrier's shooter continues - Comments (Count)
Houston postal workers brave flooded areas to deliver mail - Comments (Count)
USPS creates pickup locations for treasury checks and medications - Comments (Count)
Six injured as mail truck, SUV crash in Aurora - Comments (Count)
Postal worker dodges bullets in Hendersonville - Comments (Count)
Weldon ends Maryville postal career after 36 years - Comments (Count)
USPS letter carrier robbed in Florida - Comments (Count)
Postal worker dies in one-vehicle crash in Athens County - Comments (Count)
Six hospitalized after nail polish remover spill at Westgate Post Office - Comments (Count)
US Postage Rate Increase Takes Effect Sunday - Comments (Count)
Postal Retirement Q&A September 2017 by Roseanne Jefferson - Comments (Count)
Funny CCA Survival Guide - Comments (Count)
Postal worker shooting highlights dangers for mail carriers - Comments (Count)
Letters, packages spill on I-80 after USPS contractor overturns - Comments (Count)
Congressman: USPS should have been better prepared for hurricane - Comments (Count)
Mail Service Resumes in Bryan/College Station Area - Comments (Count)
USPS inspector general seeks tweaks to customer service surveys - Comments (Count)
APWU: Unions Improve the Lives of All Working People - Comments (Count)
Audiobook Reviews September 2017 by Jonathan Lowe - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Report on City Carriers Working Past 6PM
9.19.2017 - reports: The USPS OIG recently investigated 15 randomly selected delivery units in the Bay Valley District. The OIG selected the Bay Valley District for review because it has the fourth highest percentage of instances of carriers returning after 6 p.m. in the nation. The investigation found that only 72 percent of city carriers and CCAs in these units returned by 6 p.m. with some on the street as late as 10 p.m. - Comments (Count)
Senator wants firings after postal workers accused of delaying mail delivery
9.19.2017 - The Billings Gazette reports: "Tester wrote the U.S. Postmaster General on Monday after the Office of Inspector General revealed that more than 2 billion mailed items were delayed nationwide over a year's time. Investigators also discovered postal workers manipulating mail delivery time records and inaccurately reporting delayed mail. Several postal employees, including some in Montana, reported mail being intentionally delayed so workers on another shift would have something to do." - USPS OIG Report: Delayed Mail Validation - Comments (Count)
Analysis: Postal woes demand jump in stamp price to 60 cents
9.07.2017 - Associated Press reports: "A 60 cent postage stamp? The U.S. Postal Service would have to boost prices for mailing letters and packages by nearly 20 percent -- the biggest one-time increase in its history -- to avoid bankruptcy and improve delivery service, an industry analysis says. That means the price of a first-class stamp could jump from 49 cents to nearly 60 cents -- if the post office gets the power to raise stamp rates beyond the rate of inflation." - Comments (Count)


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