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Postmarked for Death
By Jonathan Lowe

A postal clerk with a grudge against illegal immigrants begins bombing government offices and mailing letter bombs, just like the Unabomber...except he continues working at the USPS in Tucson while police and inspectors battle over their search for the wrong man.

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Order Now!An American Postal Portrait
Contains a collection of 200 rarely seen photos.
Going Postal
Veteran true crime author Don Lasseter takes an in-depth look at the series of bloody massacres committed by disgruntled postal workers across the U.S.
Order Now!Murder Most Postal: Homicidal Tales That Deliver a Message
Stories about purloined postage, murder by mail, lethal letters, and cold-blooded correspondence. By Martin Harry Greenberg
Order now @ Amazon.com!Diamond Eye
Fictional U.S. Postal Inspector investigates child porn and a Miami drug cartel. By Arthur Rosenfeld.
Snail Mail Versus Email
By France A. Bozeman
Morality and the Mail in Nineteenth-Century America
By Wayne E. Fuller
The Anthrax Letters
By Leonard Cole
The Killer Strain: Anthrax and a Government Exposed
By Marilyn W. Thompson
Postmaster Retirement Memories Journal Moments in Time: True Stories of the United States Postal Inspectors
By John E. Phinazee and Larry G. Weaver
It Still Exists Today: A True Story of Racism in the United States Postal Service
By Raymond C. Christian
Beyond Going Postal: Shifting From Workplace Tragedies and Toxic Work Environments To a Safe and Healthy Organization
By Stephen Musacco, Ph.D.
The Life and Times of McZero
By Larry King
Postmarked for Death
By Jonathan Lowe
Lottery Island
By Jonathan Lowe
The Union Member's Complete Guide: Everything You Want - And Need - To Know About Working Union
By Michael Mauer
The FMLA Handbook: A Union Guide to the Family and Medical Leave Act
By Robert M. Schwartz
The Legal Rights of Union Stewards
By Robert M. Schwartz
Winning at the Merit Systems Protection Board: A Step-By-Step Handbook for Federal Agency Supervisors, Managers, Lawyers, and Personnel Officials
By Harold J. Ashner
How to Prepare and Present a Labor Arbitration Case: Strategy and Tactics for Advocates
By Charles S. Loughran
The Union Steward's Complete Guide
By David Prosten (Editor)
Urban Affairs: Modernizing Postal Systems in the Electronic and Global World
By Caroline Andrew
The Politics of Postal Transformation: Modernizing Postal Systems in the Electronic and Global World
By Robert M. Campbell
Future Directions in Postal Reform (Topics in Regulatory Economics and Policy Reform, Volume 38)
By Michael A. Crew, Editor
Governing the Postal Service
By Gregory J. Sidak
The Last Monopoly: Privatizing the Postal Service for the Information Age
By Edward L. Hudgins, Cato Institute
Mail @ the Millennium
By Edward L. Hudgins
The Rise of Global Delivery Services
By James I. Campbell Jr.
Spreading the News: The American Postal System from Franklin to Morse
By Richard R. John
They Carried the Mail: A Survey of Postal History and Hobbies
By Matthew J. Bowyer
Mail on the Move
By James H. Bruns
Horse Drawn Mail Vehicles
By James H. Bruns
Good-Bye, Curtis
By Kevin Henkes, Marisabina Russo (Illustrator)
Mailing May
By Michael O. Tunnel, Ted Rand (Illustrator)
They're Off! The Story of the Pony Express
By Cheryl Harness
The Reluctant Letter
By Roger D. Christian
American Postal Worker
For postal employees represented by the American Postal Workers Union.
Business Mailers Review
Trade publication is well-respected in the postal industry.


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