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Postal Stakeholders Are Impressed With Trump's Task Force So Far
6.08.2018 - reports: "President Trump's task force to overhaul the U.S. Postal Service is up and running, and despite concerns that its members would simply follow the direction preset by the tweeter-in-chief, stakeholders in the postal community are impressed with seriousness and attention to detail with which the group has approached its undertaking." - Comments (Count)
USPS Delivery Satisfaction Numbers Trending Downward
6.03.2018 - reports: USPS delivery satisfaction numbers are trending downward according to the USPS OIG Spring 2018 Semiannual Report to Congress released at the end of May. The report shows declining numbers for customer satisfaction in all areas except one. - Comments (Count)
Trump Pressured USPS to Jack Up Shipping Rates for Amazon
5.18.2018 - NY Post reports: "President Trump personally pressured Postmaster General Megan Brennan to double the charges Amazon and other firms pay to ship packages, a new report said Friday. Brennan resisted Trump's demand, explaining "in multiple conversations" that the rates are set in contracts and that any changes would have to be approved by regulators, the Washington Post reported." - WH: Trump may see 'unfairness' with Amazon - Amazon briefly hit session low after report - Comments (Count)
USPS gets whacked with a $1.3 billion loss as it struggles to keep up with Amazon
5.11.2018 - Business Insider reports: "Perhaps even more troublesome is that the USPS posted such a large loss during a period in which package volumes increased by 5%. While that uptick most likely explains the $364 million increase in compensation expenses due to what it describes as "additional hours incurred to support the labor-intensive package business as well as contractual wage adjustments," it also raises the question of why the volume surge wasn't able to bridge the controllable-income gap." - USPS's flawed business model persists even with growth in packages - Packages Weigh on USPS as Losses Grow - USPS Press Release - Comments (Count)
In Rural America, the Postal Service is Already Collapsing
5.03.2018 - The Nation reports: "It's in towns like Jessica's that the Postal Service is most indispensable as a public institution, but rural areas are also where the agency's recent cutbacks have been the most debilitating. As the USPS has phased in workforce cuts over the past decade, it has created what amounts to a labor shortage at the country's smaller stations. Across rural America, routes are vacant, offices are understaffed, and turnover rates are high." - PDF Version - Comments (Count)
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