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Animal shelter rescues baby chicks at Georgia post office - Comments (Count)
Mail processing ends at USPS distribution center in Oshtemo Township - Comments (Count)
Rural Carrier Recognized as 'Super Hero' - Comments (Count)
USPS finalizing relocation of Florence processing center - Comments (Count)
Amazon Drones Could Deliver a Package in Under 30 Minutes for $1 - Comments (Count)
News Flash: New Postal Rates Slated for May 31 - Comments (Count)
Gyrocopter Pilot Released on Bail, Appeared Thursday in Federal Court Wearing USPS Jacket - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: Time Lapse of Letter Carrier Delivery - Comments (Count)
List of Prequalified Next Generation Postal Delivery Vehicle Suppliers - Comments (Count)
Postal Service Headed for Disaster - Comments (Count)
Next Mail Truck May Have Rotors - Comments (Count)
'No more missing mail': Phelan residents protest post office on Tax Day - Comments (Count)
At conference closing, UN official says innovation key for future of postal sector - Comments (Count)
USPS Roanoke operations expected to begin move to Greensboro on Saturday - Comments (Count)
Dayton tax filers upset USPS didn't stay open - Comments (Count)
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Rural Carrier Lands Gyrocopter on U.S. Capitol Lawn
4.15.2015 - Tampa Bay Times reports: "Doug Hughes, a 61-year-old mailman from Ruskin, Florida, successfully landed his gyrocopter on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol today. He was promptly arrested. Witnesses said the sirens and cars came immediately after Hughes touched down. They said he was composed, calm and surrendered immediately." - VIDEO - CNN: Angry Mailman Lands Copter on Capitol Lawn - Pilot's website: "This isn't my regular route"; cites Thumper Policy when asked about USPS - USPS logo on tail of gyrocopter - Comments (Count)
NPMHU: USPS Continues to Modify Plant Consolidation Schedule
4.12.2015 - "On April 10, 2015, the USPS announced its latest list of last minute "public" changes to the Phase II-2015 USPS Network Rationalization Consolidation list. This is the second consecutive week that the Postal Service has made last minute modifications to the Network Rationalization Consolidation list - affecting a large group of postal facilities." Read more... " - Network Rationalization Consolidation List Updated April 10, 2015 - Comments (Count)
NLRB: USPS must bargain with letter carriers over cyber breach
4.08.2015 - Federal News Radio reports: "Score one for postal unions in their fight with the Postal Service over employees' data that was exposed in a massive cyber breach last fall. The National Labor Relations Board has formally accused the Postal Service of dodging its labor unions, which have complained that the agency failed to alert them of the cyber attack until it was made public. Since then, they say, the Postal Service has not been willing to discuss with them its attempts to make employees whole." - APWU: NLRB Slams Postal Service - Comments (Count)
Behind the Postal Pulse Survey
3.28.2015 - The U.S. Postal Service's new Postal Pulse employee survey is a Gallup company standardized survey that has been administered to more than 25 million employees in almost 200 countries (as of 2012). The 12 question Gallup survey is almost word-for-word the exact same survey the USPS is asking postal employees to complete. Read More... - Comments (Count)
USPS Buying Trucks Specifically for CCAs to Use on Amazon Fresh
3.24.2015 - 21CPW reports: "This situation with the new Amazon Fresh is really beginning to mushroom (in the Santa Ana District). Postal management is bending over backwards for these people, to the extent that they have ordered a whole fleet of new 2 ton trucks with A/C, just for the Amazon Fresh. They have taken over 3/4 of our loading dock, and management is more interested in Amazon than they are about the service." - Comments (Count)

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