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Postal Life September 22-23, 2017
Today's top posts from social media about postal life.
Testimony concludes in Lady Liberty stamp trial - Comments (Count)
Mail carrier stops runaway vehicle after driver passes out - Comments (Count)
Retiring postmaster will miss the people - Comments (Count)
Heap of stolen mail left in the street - Comments (Count)
Vintage photos on exhibit at post office - Comments (Count)
Car crashes into Lithopolis post office - Comments (Count)
Check in the mail? No, really. Why some Ft. Mill neighbors can't get to their mail - Comments (Count)
Postal Service promises customers improvements - Comments (Count)
Last day delivering smiles in Hillsboro - Comments (Count)
Postal Worker Walking 100 Miles For a Good Cause - Comments (Count)
Postal Problems Plaguing American Canyon Aired at Tuesday Gathering - Comments (Count)
Soup Nazi Service: Brevoort Station Post Office Is 'Proof God Hates You,' Residents Say - Comments (Count)
Acid spill prompts evacuation at Dallas Bulk Mail Center - Comments (Count)
Mail thieves lead Dallas officials on high-speed chase - Comments (Count)
Woman claims she was terminated for requesting FMLA leave by USPS - Comments (Count)
USPS preparing for record holiday season - Comments (Count)
USPS hiring 1,000 in Colorado for holiday rush - Comments (Count)
USPS Has Closed All Postal Facilities in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands Due to Hurricane Maria - Comments (Count)
FedEx Rolls Out 4.9% 2018 Rate Increase - Comments (Count)
Flying the Mail in Remote Idaho - Comments (Count)
After decades of delivery, Ryan leaving Postal Service - Comments (Count)
This is the World's Most Unusual Post Office - Comments (Count)
80+ neighborhood groups working together to take on mailbox thieves - Comments (Count)
Postal worker and mother of two vanishes in N. Houston - Comments (Count)
Amazon is Quietly Seizing Control of Booze Delivery Too - Comments (Count)
Zip Line, Rappelling Photos Nab 'Injured' Postal Worker - Comments (Count)
Daimler rolls out first electric trucks to postal giant UPS - Comments (Count)
Postal Service Open Today in St. Thomas - Comments (Count)
Should the USPS Close the Historic Lihue Post Office? - Comments (Count)
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Jonathan Lowe pens a monthly audiobooks review column.
USPS OIG Report on City Carriers Working Past 6PM
9.19.2017 - reports: The USPS OIG recently investigated 15 randomly selected delivery units in the Bay Valley District. The OIG selected the Bay Valley District for review because it has the fourth highest percentage of instances of carriers returning after 6 p.m. in the nation. The investigation found that only 72 percent of city carriers and CCAs in these units returned by 6 p.m. with some on the street as late as 10 p.m. - Comments (Count)
Senator wants firings after postal workers accused of delaying mail delivery
9.19.2017 - The Billings Gazette reports: "Tester wrote the U.S. Postmaster General on Monday after the Office of Inspector General revealed that more than 2 billion mailed items were delayed nationwide over a year's time. Investigators also discovered postal workers manipulating mail delivery time records and inaccurately reporting delayed mail. Several postal employees, including some in Montana, reported mail being intentionally delayed so workers on another shift would have something to do." - USPS OIG Report: Delayed Mail Validation - Comments (Count)
Analysis: Postal woes demand jump in stamp price to 60 cents
9.07.2017 - Associated Press reports: "A 60 cent postage stamp? The U.S. Postal Service would have to boost prices for mailing letters and packages by nearly 20 percent -- the biggest one-time increase in its history -- to avoid bankruptcy and improve delivery service, an industry analysis says. That means the price of a first-class stamp could jump from 49 cents to nearly 60 cents -- if the post office gets the power to raise stamp rates beyond the rate of inflation." - Comments (Count)
NALC: Wage Increase Update
8.22.2017 - reports: "The Postal Service has indicated that it will take some time to calculate the back pay for the more than 210,000 letter carriers, but that all back pay will be processed and paid as soon as practicable. On Aug. 19, career letter carriers began earning the first two cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) payable under the new contract that were effective Sept. 3, 2016, and March 4, 2017, as well as the 1.2 percent general wage increase that was effective Nov. 26, 2016." - USPS employees receive latest pay raise - Comments (Count)
Postal Service: More red ink, missed payments as mail slumps
8.10.2017 - AP reports: "The U.S. Postal Service warned Thursday that it will likely default on up to $6.9 billion in payments for future retiree health and pension benefits for the fifth straight year, citing a coming cash crunch that could disrupt day-to-day mail delivery. The service said it expected cash balances to run low by October and to avoid bankruptcy would likely not make all of its payments as required under federal law." - USPS Reports 3rd Quarter Results - WSJ: US Postal System Continues to March Backwards - USPS Reports $16.7bn Q3 Revenue - USPS Financial Woes Swell With $2.1 Billion Net Loss Last Quarter - Comments (Count)
New NALC-USPS Contract is Ratified
8.07.2017 - NALC reports: "The active membership of the National Association of Letter Carriers has overwhelmingly ratified the proposed 2016-2019 National Agreement with the United States Postal Service. By a margin exceeding 16 to 1, eligible members voted to accept the tentative agreement that was announced on May 12. The vote to ratify was 78,935 to accept the agreement versus 4,732 to reject it, as reported by NALC's Ballot Committee chaired by Joseph DeRossi." - New Labor Contract Will Give 200K Postal Workers a Raise, But Trim Their Benefits - Comments (Count)

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