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Postal News Daily Report June 25-26, 2017
NALC Rap Session details, summer uniforms, more...
Man rips keys from USPS worker's neck in Manhattan - Comments (Count)
Colorado postman's 60-year tenure on a long, rural route filled with wonder - Comments (Count)
Body of missing postal worker found in vehicle pulled from lake - Comments (Count)
Time for Moisture-Wicking Shirts for Postal Uniforms - Comments (Count)
Mailbox melts in Arizona due to extreme heat - Comments (Count)
Raccoons in mobile home mail room stop mail delivery - Comments (Count)
Four Grayson USPS employees retire - Comments (Count)
USPS worker accused of selling pot on the job - Comments (Count)
Meyers Chuck, AK, 99903 - Comments (Count)
The mailman still delivers regardless of rain, sleet or summer heat - Comments (Count)
David Mennillo to hang up mailbag after 40 years - Comments (Count)
Video catches mail thieves in the act - Comments (Count)
Scam Prompts Postal Service to Make Mailbox Changes in Yonkers - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Audit Report: Shortpaid PC Postage Parcels (PDF) - Comments (Count)
Amazon envisions delivery drone beehives in every city - Comments (Count)
Another Upright Jenny Pane Found - Comments (Count)
Montebello mail carrier honored for 1 million miles of accident-free driving - Comments (Count)
Mail disappears from postman's truck, mystery ensues - Comments (Count)
NPMHU: Unions Prevail in National Level Decision on Voting Rights - Comments (Count)
Eleven-year-old boy saves sick USPS carrier - Comments (Count)
APWU and Mail Handlers Union Send Message to PMG Brennan Denouncing "Wholesale and Massive Job Cuts" - Comments (Count)
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APWU Geared Up to Fight Back Against USPS Reductions in Service and Jobs
6.17.2017 - The APWU reports: "Throughout the country, the Postal Service has launched an all-out assault on our jobs and is blatantly violating the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) in their staffing of post offices. The USPS is reducing service to the community and disrupting the lives of postal workers by reducing duty assignments (reversions and abolishments) and issuing excessing notices potentially affecting hundreds of post offices and thousands of employees." - Comments (Count)
APWU Wins National Level Arbitration Award On POStPlan MOU
6.08.2017 - The APWU reports: "Arbitrator Goldberg issued an award in a national-level case over what remedy was due for the Postal Service's failure to staff 'POStPlan' offices following an original award on September 5, 2014 and a MOU negotiated afterward. Arbitrator Goldberg held that the Postal Service must make whole all postal employees in the Clerk Craft bargaining unit who were denied craft work as a result of the USPS' failure to follow the POStPlan MOU." - Comments (Count)
Are Postal Service retiree obligations too big to move?
6.05.2017 - Federal Times reports: "The magnitude of the U.S. Postal Service's unfunded liabilities for its retiree pensions and health benefits imperils the agency and its workforce. Now a Congressional proposal seeks to brighten the agency's future finances - by shifting these liabilities onto federal taxpayers through the Medicare system." - Comments (Count)
Trump Suggests USPS Cut Retirement, Health Benefits in $46 Billion Savings Package
5.24.2017 - GovExec reports: "While lawmakers have sought to maintain delivery standards, however, Trump would allow USPS to "reduce mail delivery frequency where there is a business case for doing so." That proposal would likely face pushback in Congress, especially from lawmakers representing rural areas, and even postal management has dropped its proposal to eliminate mail delivery on Saturdays." - NALC Statement - Will Trump's Budget Cut Mail Delivery? Plan Revives Contentious Question - Trump's Budget Resurrects Unpopular USPS Cost-Cutting Initiatives - Comments (Count)
Trump's Budget Calls for Major Hits on Federal Employee Retirement Programs
5.19.2017 - The Denver Post reports: Trump's fiscal 2018 budget would: Increase Federal Employees Retirement System contributions from workers by 1 percentage point each year until they equal the government's contribution. Base future retirement benefits on the average of the high five years of salary instead of the current high three. Eliminate cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) for current and future FERS employees. Eliminate supplement payments for FERS employees who retire beginning in 2018. - The Trump Budget's Assault on Federal Workers - Purported Trump budget doc zeroes out federal employee benefits - Republicans gearing up for major changes to federal pay and benefits - Comments (Count)
Tentative Contract Agreement Reached Between NALC and USPS
5.12.2017 - reports: The 40-month contract contains two general wage increases (1.2 percent effective Nov. 2016 and 1.3 percent effective Nov. 2017). The tentative contract also contains a grade level upgrade for letter carriers in Nov. 2018, conversions to career status for many CCAs and six paid holidays for CCAs. - Postal employees' pay raise in the works as union contract nears final approval - 200K Postal Workers Would See Pay Raises, Benefit Cuts Under New Labor Contract - NALC Statement - Comments (Count)

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